Symptoms of The First Trimester Of Pregnancy

Initial stages of pregnancy are very crucial, especially for the first time moms. Mothers body goes a lot of changes during this period and also the growth of the baby. Knowing these changes beforehand prepare mentally for the period.

Symptoms of the First trimester of Pregnancy:

We have already discussed Common Physical Changes During Pregnancy First TrimesterΒ in our previous post. I’ve also summed up each and everything about pregnancy in my A to Z of Pregnancy Book.


Change in hormones and iron Intakes leads to constipation during pregnancy. Do take proper and healthy foodΒ like Increase intake of fibers and drink extra fluids to cope this up. If your constipation is really bothering you, consult your doctor.


Light spotting is the signal for implantation of anΒ embryo. 25% of experience slight bleeding during their first trimester.
However, if you have significant bleeding, pain in your abdomen, call your doctor. These could be signs of a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.


It’s normal to see a thin watery discharge early in your pregnancy. Wear a panty liner, if you feel uncomfortable. If the discharge is purulent, foul-smelling, call your doctor.

Weight gain

It’s considered good to gain weight during pregnancy, but it’s recommended to keep an eye on your weight. During the first trimester, you should gain about 3 to 6 pounds (this may vary depending you’re underweight or overweight).

Though it doesn’t mean follow the “eating for two.” Thing. Pregnant women require 150 calories extra during the first trimester.


It is a frequent symptom which may occur early in pregnancy.


It means reflux of food from the stomach to your mouth. It’s common during pregnancy. To avoid, eat frequent, smaller portions throughout the day; don’t lie down right after eating; eat healthily. If symptoms prevail go for Routine Tests During Pregnancy.

I hope these tips about Symptoms of The First Trimester Of Pregnancy will keep you safe healthy and happy during pregnancy. Indeed becoming a mother brings a lot of queries about pregnancy. The right approach, proper medical care, and regular checkups make this period smooth and safe.


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