9 most commonly asked questions about pregnancy

With the onset of the pregnancy, a lot of emotions, questions, and doubts runs through your mind. And In your first visit to your gynecologist, you will definitely try to clear doubts about pregnancy.

9 most commonly asked questions about pregnancy

In this part of A to Z Guide to pregnancy, we will discuss the 9 most commonly asked questions about pregnancy.  Here’s the list of most commonly asked questions about pregnancy. Hope this list will make you learn about Importance of medical care during pregnancy and solve many queries about pregnancy.

What role does diet play during pregnancy?

Diet plays an important role for both of you and your baby during pregnancy. Eating the right food rich in nutrients is important for women health.

How much weight should I gain during pregnancy?

Apart from a healthy diet and proper intake of vitamins, you must keep an eye your weight. Your ideal weight during pregnancy is determined on the basis of your present weight.

Underweight woman – should gain as much as 18kg body weight.

Normal weight woman – should gain 11-15kg body weight

Overweight woman – should gain as little as 5kg body weight

Are vitamins intake necessary during pregnancy, if yes What are they?

It’s recommended to intake Vitamin B commonly known as folic acid from the very first-day confirmation of your pregnancy.

It’s should be continued throughout 9 months of pregnancy. Folic acid prevents major birth defects in the baby. Folic acid also subsides the effects of morning sickness as well as treat constipation.

Apart from this Iron intake is a must. As the pregnancy progress, the level of blood decreases in the body. Hence iron is needed to maintain the level of hemoglobin in the bloodstream.

Multivitamin pills special made for a pregnant woman comes. Consultant your doctor about it at your prenatal visit. Excess amounts of vitamins can be harmful to you. Your physician will decide the vitamin pills as per your need.

Should I be taking medications during pregnancy?

Woman are advised to take medicine during pregnancy by their physician for the health of their baby.

If you’re taking any medicine by yourself like herbal medicine, vitamins etc. You must tell it to your physician.

You must also tell your physician about any previously prescribed medicines (for the cure of certain diseases like thyroid, sugar, tuberculosis etc) at your first prenatal visit. Be sure to talk to your consultant about it.

Can I do exercise? What does role exercise play during pregnancy?

Exercise plays an important role in making you fit, energetic, subsidies the discomforts of pregnancy and prepare your body for labor and delivery period. Exercise for about 30 minutes or more on most.

It’s not necessary to perform 30 minutes of exercise at a time. You can do exercise at divided intervals like 6-10 minutes three times a day.

You can also do exercise one time a week if unable to do every day. Apart from this morning walk will be good to make you healthy.

I feel tired during pregnancy, is this normal?

Yes, it’s absolutely normal to feel tired especially During early and late pregnancy. Ideally, your body needs 8-9 hours of sleep per night. And It is important to take rest at regular intervals during the day.

Can drugs cause harm during pregnancy?

Yes, the continuous use of drugs is injurious to your health to you and your baby. Drugs like smoking, tobacco, Alcohol etc. can increase the risk of miscarriage, birth defects, premature birth. You must consult your doctor about various methods to quit drugs.

Tell me about the role of breastfeeding for my baby health?

Breastfeeding is the best food for neonates. It provides immunity, it’s recommended to breastfeed your baby for at least 6 months.

What kind of Postnatal care should I follow after delivery?

Postnatal care is the health care woman’s get after delivery. The postnatal visit should be done after 1 month of delivery.

During this visit, your consultant does a complete examination of your body. Don’t forget to ask your concern if any about your health, taking care of your baby and breastfeeding, birth control methods, diet, sex etc.


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