Ten tips to Keep you healthy and happy during Pregnancy

You must be wondering about important tips and things to follow and keep in mind during pregnancy. What if you get a list of things at one place at a time.

Ten tips to Keep you healthy and happy during Pregnancy

In today’s A to Z Guide to pregnancy, I’m revealing Love list of things that will sweeten up your Pregnancy Journey. Reads on the Ten Tips to Keep you healthy and happy during Pregnancy.

1. Get a prenatal massage

You must have physical strains during the pregnancy period. See a therapist expert at pregnancy message that’ll take away all the blues.

2. Plan a Healthy Food chart

Get your extra pregnancy calories by planning a diet chart that covers all essential nutrients.

3. Go organic

Go organic with your toiletries and used natural products that are free from harmful chemicals such as baking soda, hydrogen peroxide etc.

4. Stay active

Stay active by doing pregnancy safe Exercises. This will help prepare your body for delivery and labor. Do consult your doctor for this.

5. Plan maternity leave

Plan your maternity leave and discuss with your employer beforehand about flexible working hours or switching to the new department if working In harmful Job conditions.

6. Took a wardrobe makeover

Get your wardrobe makeover and buy some stuff and dress according to your new body shape and comfortable, low-heeled shoes or slippers.

7. Regular Antenatal Visit

Get regular Antenatal care visit and follow-ups to keep a check on your baby growth and your health.

8. Deal with Insomnia

Stress during Pregnancy is very common and you must be wondering how to deal with it. Sometimes you are struggling with insomnia like conditions.

Take a sound sleep by sleeping on your side, folding your legs and keep a pillow between them. Sleep by rolling on the left side, it’s comfortable for your belly also improves blood circulation towards your baby.

9. Go for baby’s shopping

Prepare a list of all baby requirements and shop for your baby as per your wish with your partner.

10. Research for baby’s name

Think about the baby’s name with your partner. Ask suggestions from family and friends and do some research on it.

These are some tips that will keep you and your baby healthy during pregnancy. Did you try them or have known more tips, then do share your views through comments.

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DISCLAIMER: The content in this post is purely meant for educational purpose only and not to be substituted for professional medical advice. One should consult the expert for any related information. 

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