Your Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Toothpaste

Your Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Toothpaste

Our daily routine start and ends with the use of toothpaste. Since childhood, we are using without fault to maintain oral hygiene. In this long run a question always comes to my mind, am I using the right toothpaste for my teeth? Are they really makes teeth stronger? The queries endless not only for me […]

5 Tips for blog beginners

Blogging Tutorials SEO Google Analytics Guide -Part 1

5 Tips for blog beginners 1) Moving to self-hosting website If you are serious about Blogging than you should have self-hosting blog. And before moving to self-hosting research for a good hosting provider that is capable enough to take the load of your blog memory and traffic. 2) Developing a Reader-friendly Blog It’s very important that your blog should be reader-friendly. This includes a user […]

My Baby Is Smiling Now – I Have A Solution For baby Stuffy Nose

Stuffy nose of our little ones always makes us restless. Though cold is accompanied with many symptoms, the moment they prone to nasal congestion, it takes away our sleep. We adults can easily clean the nasal passage and overcome nasal congestion. The toddlers and infants are too young for these tricks. We always want a […]

5 Things You Did not know Your Paytm App can do

The world is undergoing digitization and so we are. Busy lifestyle has automatically pushed us to look out for faster and easy ways of work. From the office to home, from shopping to paying bills we are looking for easy, safe and time-saving solutions. Being and full-time working lady I also prefer digitization. I pay […]