Baby Growth and Development During Pregnancy: Second Trimester

The Second Trimester is the most fruitful part of pregnancy. You’ll regain your lost energy and it’s time to plan for baby’s arrival.

It’s also the time when your baby is growing quickly and You’ll start to feel the baby’s first movements. In this part of A to Z Guide to pregnancy, we will discuss Baby Growth and Development During Pregnancy.

Baby Growth and Development During Pregnancy: Second Trimester

In this trimester your baby’s physical parts come to existence. Finger, toes, hairs, lips, eyelids comes into existence. Your baby organs like brain, heart, kidney etc are now fully develop.

Now you can hear the fetal heart sound of your baby’s heart. This is the time when you’ll start feeling movements of your baby aka kick off your baby as I discussed earlier which is called Quickening.

By the end of this trimester that’s called sixth months or 24 weeks your baby is grown about 12 inches and weighs about 900grams.

Eyes are open, skin gets reddish brown color and now your baby will respond to some sounds.

Tests During Second Trimester Pregnancy

Complete Blood Test – Especially Haemoglobin to check the level of Iron in your blood.

Urine test – For any UTI, Protein, sugar level

Ultrasound – It’s Performed to detect any birth defects like your baby organ are absolutely normal, genetic abnormality, Number of fetuses, Your baby heart rate, the amount of amniotic fluid – it’s adequate or not, The location for Placenta which decides the type of delivery you have.

Risk: Ultrasound is considered safe for both you and your baby.

Interference of the Second Trimester of Pregnancy

The Second Trimester of Pregnancy is the most relaxing and energetic time for your pregnancy. Your moods come to normal as symptoms like nausea subside.

Now you can easily do some light works at your home and office. A special bond is formed during this period with your child as you started to feel him/her.

A rush of emotions in your heart and much new planning as a mother. Utilize this time, go for routine checkups, Eat healthily, do yoga sessions, read good books and Celebrate your motherhood.


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