Your Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Toothpaste

Your Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Toothpaste

Our daily routine start and ends with the use of toothpaste. Since childhood, we are using without fault to maintain oral hygiene. In this long run a question always comes to my mind, am I using the right toothpaste for my teeth? Are they really makes teeth stronger? The queries endless not only for me […]

 Beat Plastic Pollution this World Environment Day

Excessive use of plastic put us at the edge of plastic calamity. The continuous use becomes threating to our health, environment, and wildlife. On this world environmental day, the theme is beat the plastic pollution. Plastics are harmful to our health by regular use that makes way into our bodies in the form of toxic chemicals etc. Some facts […]

How to Lose Weight detox up after festive season ?

lose weight detox up

Be it marriage or family get together, engagement or festival celebration there surviving small fear of weight gain. If you think you’ve gained weight during Celebrations ceremony kinda like Diwali, don’t panic. But deal with it before the fat starts to accumulate. Given below are some measures about how to lose weight detox up after the […]