The Big And Ultimate Shopping List For Baby Needs

When it’s almost time for the baby to come home, you have one major task at hand. And that is baby shopping. It’s more than just buying a few packs of diapers, best baby wipes, baby powders, and milk bottles.

You need to keep the house fully equipped and yourself fully ready for your baby’s needs 24×7.

The Big And Ultimate Shopping List For Baby

The efficient way to do this? Avoid multiple shopping trips. Armed with this big fat ultimate Shopping List For Baby Needs, you’re never going to miss the important stuff.


Baby Food tops The Shopping List For Baby’s Needs

[23/365] Milk


  • Steriliser
  • Feeding bottles and nipples
  • Breast-pump (although, you should ideally use this only after you’ve breastfed your baby for a good period of time)
  • Bibs
  • Breast pads (for the mommy!)
  • Formula food (while you won’t be using this immediately, it’s good to stock up on them, while you’re at it)


  • Diapers and cloth nappies (believe it or not, you’re never going to have enough of these!)
  • Baby wipes, Muslin cloth (for swaddling the baby, to cover up your shoulder when you’re burping the baby, the comforter for the baby, to wipe the baby – Muslin cloth is so versatile yet so soft and perfect for the baby, they come in handy for almost everything!)
  • Bibs (especially extremely useful when bottle and formula feeding! Go for the ones with a plastic back, so the food doesn’t get to their clothes.)
  • Bodysuits (stock up on at least 10, for starters)
  • Socks, gloves, baby sweaters and caps (babies always need some extra warmth and layering)
  • Shawl and blanket

Bath supplies

Bath Time


Sleep and play time

  • Cot mattress
  • A cradle for baby
  • Dark curtains or curtains with black lining (to create the ideal sleeping conditions for the baby)
  • Pacifiers
  • Some bright and noisy toys (although, these come raining down in the form of gifts from loved ones!)

The Great Outdoors

Last but not the least the great outdoors accessories make into Shopping List For Baby Needs

    • Pram (prop your baby in it comfortably and let it soak in the outdoors!)
    • Car seat (mandatory, if you’re going to take the baby out)
    • Baby sunscreen
    • “Baby On Board” sign (also mandatory)
    • Baby carrier (make sure you choose a high-quality one that provides ample firm support to you as well as the baby)
    • Diaper bag (you have to make sure this is permanently fully stocked and ready to use)
    • Sun parasol (to protect the little one from the harsh sun, of course!)

All the best, and enjoy this adventure you’re about, to begin with, The Big And Ultimate Shopping List For All Your Baby’s Needs!

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