6 Physical Body changes during Pregnancy: Second trimester

With the start of Second Trimester of your pregnancy, You will feel more energized. As the first-trimester symptoms are mostly subsided or even disappear, You will notice some Welcoming changes. This period starts from is from 13th week and remain till 28 weeks.

6 Physical Body changes during Pregnancy Second trimester

In this part of A to Z Guide to pregnancy, we will discuss the Second Trimester which is the most fruitful part of pregnancy. You’ll regain your lost energy and it’s time to plan for baby’s arrival.  It’s also the time when your baby is growing quickly and You’ll start to feel the baby’s first movements.

The Subjective symptoms during the Second trimester of pregnancy ( 13-28 weeks or 4-6 months ) 

Subjective symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and frequency of micturition usually subside while the Amenorrhea continues.
The new features that appear during the Second Trimester of Pregnancy are:


Quickening ( or feeling of life called to kick off the baby as in Aamir Khan 3 idiots ) denotes the perception of active fetal movements by the women. It is usually felt about the 18th week ( about 2 weeks earlier in multiparae)

Change in Body Shape

Progressive enlargement of the lower abdomen by the growing uterus. You will see belly growth and feels excited about your baby.

Fetal Heart Sound (F.H.S.)

It is the most conclusive clinical sign that appears during this trimester. It resembles the tick of the watch under the pillow. The rate varies from 110-160 per minute.

The appearance of Low Back Pain

Due to an increase in your weight during this period, You may have Backache. Try to Sit straight with good support. Put a pillow in between your legs while sleeping.

Cramps in legs

Apart from the change in hormones and weight gain, an increase in calcium requirement leads to muscular cramps. Eat a diet rich in calcium.

Weight gain

Symptoms like dizziness, nausea, and vomiting subside and your appetite return to normal. During the Second Trimester, you need about an extra 300 to 500 calories a day as per healthy diet plan. You should be gaining around 1/2 kg of body weight every week.


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