6 Tips For Boosting Women’s Immunity During Pregnancy

6 Tips For Boosting Women’s Immunity During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, your immune system is naturally decreased to accommodate the growing baby and pregnant women are particularly susceptible to illness during this period due to their weaker immune system. Here are some tips on how to improve immunity to keep you and your unborn baby safe by naturally boosting your immune system and to stay healthy especially during the winter months where you are more susceptible to colds and cough. So, Let’s explore 6 Tips For Boosting Women’s Immunity During Pregnancy.

6 Tips For Boosting Women’s Immunity During Pregnancy

1) Staying hydrated:

Staying properly hydrated helps your body function at an optimal level. Poor hydration can weaken the immune system making it harder to fight against various foreign allergens. Support the work of your immune system by drinking water every day during your pregnancy. You should aim for about eight glasses of water a day – eight ounces each.

2) Exercising:

Exercise helps in boosting immunity during pregnancy through a few different ways. Firstly, it helps in a temporary rise in body temperature that may help to prevent bacterial growth. Secondly, antibodies and white blood cells are released more quickly into the bloodstream when you exercise, which may allow the body to detect illness earlier. Also, exercise is a natural stress reliever, which decreases our chance of developing an illness.

Exercise also improves your pregnancy experience and has a positive impact on your pregnancy keeping you and your baby healthy and active.

3) Proper sleep:

Sleep deprivation has been associated with the altered immune function, making the body more susceptible to illness. By regulating your sleep patterns and getting an adequate amount of rest helps in recovery and boosting immunity during pregnancy.

4) Vitamin C:

Vitamins are very important for proper functioning of the immune system. Having your daily dose of vitamin C helps in boosting immunity during pregnancy and keep disease like colds and cough at bay. Vitamin C is not only good for boosting immunity but it also improves lung function in developing fetuses and newborns.

5) Garlic:

Garlic has been noted for centuries for its strengths against bodily illness and is regarded as one of the best immunity boosting foods. It’s reputed to be a detoxifier, antibacterial, antibiotic, and antiseptic. One clove of garlic is powerful enough to combat bacteria and infection. By adding at least one clove to a meal each day to give your body that added a kick to fight the cold and flu.

6) Hygiene:

The immune system is weak during pregnancy and it becomes more important to maintain proper hygiene as you may be more susceptible to infections or viruses. Make sure to wash your hands often and avoid direct contact with anyone who is sick. Illness during pregnancy usually does not affect the baby, but can be serious and lead to complications like preterm labor.

Hope you follow the above discussed 6 Tips For Boosting Women’s Immunity During Pregnancy. Along with the abovesaid tips, taking your daily dose of Dabur Chyawanprash can prove beneficial for boosting immunity during pregnancy, as it improves the overall health of the pregnant woman and the developing fetus. The benefits of Dabur Chyawanprash during pregnancy is that it helps to increase your hemoglobin levels, it is a natural source of vitamin C and enhances iron absorption thereby reducing anemia and provides better nutrition for the developing child. However, we recommend you to get in touch with your doctor to know if it would be wise for you have Dabur Chayawanprash and in what quantity.

6 Tips For Boosting Women’s Immunity During Pregnancy

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