The Travellore India Ebook Review

What inspires you to fall in love with the world? Indeed Travelling is your answer. Discovering new cultures, exploring new horizons and having fun with the family will give new dimensions to your life.

I never miss a chance to travel neither you. Traveling becomes comfortable and cozy when we know everything about our destination. Like the time to visit, architecture history, cuisine etc.

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With the profound motto To travel is to live – The Travellore India Ebook Review gives every answer to your question.

The Travellore India Ebook by Humaira Sadaf

My Choosy picks from the book

I love the historical description associated with the city, increases enthusiasm in me. Visiting a place without knowing its history is like a body without a soul. And I love that the author gives brief history flawlessly.

Apart from this book gives a clear idea about the places to visit, time and accommodation. This book compliments me while traveling India and so does you. You’ll fall in love with the cities like Agra, Jaipur, Hyderabad while reading

Book Theme & style of the book

The Travellore India Ebook Review – To travel is to live based on travel theme. The book talks about the exclusive holiday destination to explore in India. Author smartly choose the best places to explore from every Indian state.

The writing style is very groomed, chic and to the point. Every chapter gives a clear idea about when to visit, places to explore, cuisines to try, architecture, Indian historical places and much more.

Who should Read the book?

The Travellore India Ebook Review – This book is for everyone who is a travel freak and wants to explore India. This book will give a clear vision of how to explore India.

Best thing about the book

I love the theme of the book and the authors writing style. The language is easy to understand and chic gives a clear idea about how to explore places?

If you’re a travel freak and want to explore India this book is meant for you. The pictures are complimentary to each topic. And the places described are the most traveled destination of India.

What Could be better?

Though I like everything about the book if the author used more high-resolution images would give more glamor to the book.

All About The Woman verdict?

I’ll definitely recommend Book Travellore India. Whether you’re travel freak or not, knowing India’s culture and travel destination mesmerizes you.

This book gives a clear idea about the most visited Indian travel destination. Everything you want to know about important cities is well described in the book. So what you’re waiting for explore Book after reading The Travellore India Ebook Review.

All About The Woman Rating for Travellore India: 4/5

Want to know more about  Travellore India You can easily read it on two platforms:

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I hope you like the Travellore India.


About The Author: Humaira Sadaf is a lecturer by profession. She has seven years of teaching experience. She lives with her parental family in the city of Lakhimpur in Uttar Pradesh.

She enhances knowledge and skills to the best of her efforts. She likes to read books, writing styles, debates.  She is an avid writer, reader, and blogger. Travellore India is her first Ebook written.

She is a blogger and blogs at CREATIVE LIFE STAR blog( – ponders the aspects as lifestyles, food, travel, fiction, life, poetry, tips, freelance writing, and reviews.

Book Blurb: It’s a fab to see numerous cities, deserts, and heritage. Human beings have discovered travel.

To blog on traveler can be known to the readers. Travel is to enhance the diverse collection of places. It has a perfect adventure lore. It displays easy to navigate the places.

We can easily grasp the tour packages with different criteria like by location, how to do online bookings, tour departure/arrival date, tour category, price, tour agency, transport type, and much more. The best voyage is to ensure a smooth viewing experience.

Disclaimer: I have done the book review of The Travellore India Ebook by Humaira Sadaf who’s my fellow blogger. However, the views shared are my own. My best wishes for the book. Image source is Creative life star

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