Seven Amazing Things to Do in Lansdowne

When you’re looking for a stellar escape from the routine life, the one hill station that pops to mind as a top choice is the gorgeous town of Lansdowne.

Amidst the embrace of nature, Lansdowne is a beautiful travel spot in Uttarakhand housing a number of interesting attractions for its tourists. Here are Seven Amazing Things to Do in Lansdowne, should you decide to make Lansdowne your next holiday getaway.

Seven Amazing Things to Do in Lansdowne

1. Bhulla Lake

Enjoy the trickling waters of the Bhulla Lake, while gliding across it on a serene boat ride with your loved ones. You can spot some fluffy rabbits and ducks on your ride at the lake.

There is also a well-maintained restaurant where you can gorge on snacks and sip hot coffee. Be sure to visit the nearby amusement park to finish off your day on a high and energetic note.

2. Tip N Top Viewpoint

Also, known as Tiffin top, this viewpoint at the top of the hills is a favorite spot for tourists and locals alike. If you wish to spend your day in the peace and quiet of nature, surrounded by captivating mountain ranges and the cool breeze, Tip n Top is the place for you.

You can have a gala picnic at the spot or simply lay back and gaze at the surreal, snow-covered Himalayas.

3. Darwan Singh War Museum

Dedicated to the celebrated Darwan Singh Negi, a Corporal in the Garhwal Rifles and a Victoria Cross holder, this war museum is a brilliant edifice housing many artifacts of historical significance.

The decorated building has a glorious collection of arms, uniforms, rare photographs and certificates that are bound to ignite your fascination for India’s past.

Discover the lesser known facts about the Garhwal Rifles of the Indian Army at this pride of Lansdowne.

4. John’s Church

Radiating its serenity all throughout the Mall Road, St. John’s Church is an architectural masterpiece in Lansdowne.

Crafted beautifully with divine interiors, a visit to the church is bound to touch you both spiritually and aesthetically. The green surroundings and tranquil atmosphere make this a must-visit tourist location.

5. Kalagarh Tiger Reserve

Constituting the Northern premises of Jim Corbett, the Kalagarh Tiger Reserve falls under the territory of Lansdowne. Take a safari through the untamed wilderness and witness the majestic Bengal tigers whose sight will surely leave you awestruck.

You can also spot other animals such as sambhar, barking deer and porcupines. Feel close to the mesmerizing wild of India, with the chirping of birds and soothing fragrance of the forest mist.

6. Bhim Pakora

A great feat of nature, head on over to Bhim Pakora to witness two huge boulders, perfectly balanced on top of each other. However, that is not all.

Although the top rock can be moved by the touch of a single finger, it can never fell even with the mighty push of both the hands.

The place can be reached via a 2km trek from the city center and is undoubtedly the most exciting part of the quietude of Lansdowne.

7. Trekking to Hawa Ghar

A visit to Lansdowne remains incomplete without a trekking expedition. Lansdowne, owing to its picturesque sceneries and breathtaking ambiance, is perfect for a memorable adventure experience.

Some treks can last for a few hours while the other more challenging ones can last for 2-3 days. One of the best location to trek towards is undoubtedly Hawa Ghar.

The hill point offers great views of the snow-capped Himalayas and its foggy climate, mixed with the gushing wind is an enjoyable experience for all nature lovers.

Lansdowne is a must-visit for all those who strive to experience the very best of India’s mountains. You can do all your travel bookings online.

Come alive in this serene and vibrant hill station and discover unique tourist spots of Lansdowne. Hope you fall in love with the Seven Amazing Things to Do in Lansdowne.

Author’s Bio: Rohit Agarwal is an architect by profession and a travel blogger at Traveling is his eternal love and lifelong companion making him discover some of the most amazing and unique places.


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