Discover the Detours of the Mysore Highway

Detours of the Mysore Highway

The route to Mysore is an eventful one. This 150 km Bangalore to Mysore journey has many hidden attractions en route, worlds apart from the palaces and gardens of Mysore, but no less fascinating. Discover the Detours of the Mysore Highway with us.

Beauty Along Mysore

Ramanagara is known for its rocky landscape and is also home to an old temple. The region was immortalized in the Bollywood movie Sholay. This untamed frontier setting remains as is today and has become a hub for adventure junkies for rock climbing and zip-lining.

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary has located just 19 km from Mysore. The precious eco-system is spread over half a dozen islets on the Kaveri River, which is a lifeline of the region. Some of the birds that can be spotted here include Indian Cliff swallows, painted storks, and river terns. The sanctuary is located downstream from the KRS dam, another attraction in Mysore.

Shivasamudram falls is another popular natural attraction in the adjoining district of Mandya. This falls on the way to Mysore (or back to Bangalore). Close to the gushing waters, one can find some old temples too.

City Landmarks

When in Mysore city, the Mysore Palace is a must-visit, along with the Mysore Zoo. There is more fun involved while driving to the top of Chamundi Hills. A serene drive along winding forest roads ends with a hill-top temple and nice views of the surrounding region.

Srirangapatna is another famous historical landmark around Mysore. Here the fort of Tipu Sultan is the main attraction. The Brindavan Gardens are a pinnacle of landscaping, featuring musical fountains, boat rides, and topiary. Mysore is the gateway to the Nagarhole National park and to Coorg.

Detours of the Mysore Highway

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History, nature, architecture, and cuisine are the ingredients that contribute to the adventure of a Mysore trip. With a self-drive Bangalore to Mysore taxi, a complete experience beckons. Hope you enjoyed reading about the Detours of the Mysore Highway.

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  1. Loved your travel post. I am planning Mysore trip for quite a long time. This one has been very encouraging.

  2. Well written blog capturing a lot info about laces in and around Mysore. Specially loved the capture of Shivanasamudra 😊

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    Nice post. Thanks for sharing.


  6. I had my training in mysore and have cherished these places… Glad to revisit them again

  7. The bird sanctuary looks amazing. Definiteky keep theae places in mind next time i plan a visit to Mysore.

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    Reading travel post always makes me go crave for a trip….hehehehe … I am definitely visiting this place soon. 🙂

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    I love how you covered places in and around Mysore. Also, the idea of renting a car is awesome. I will definitely do so next time! 🙂

  10. Wow, such a beautiful place it is. Would love to visit.

  11. Nice post and very informative .. love all the pictures

  12. You have brought the perfect flavor of Mysore through your description. I love the city.

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  14. Awesome, Mysore is beautiful, we were thinking to plan a trip to Mysore soon, this post shall be a great help

  15. Mysore is a beautiful place, my mom had been to Mysore for her training and I have seen in her pictures the beauty of this city. We have never tried rental car services as we had no idea of any such good company, will try zoomcar service when we plan our next road trip.

  16. Mysore…. Huh….i visited Mysore when I was in class 8 during school tour
    And I still remember that place

  17. i never considered mysore as a place to visit but it definitely looks like a gem that has not been paid attention to!!

  18. Mysore seems to be a great place and would love to visit. I have heard so many good things about Zoomcar and their services.

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