Trekking with Everest Base Camp Trek of Mojhi


Are you trekking addict ? Wanna Put your foot prints on the worlds largest mountains aka Himalayas? Discover your love for Trekking with Everest Base Camp Trek of Mojhi. So. , let’s have glimpse about Trekking.


What do you mean by Trekking?

Trekking is an activity in which people take multi-day hiking trips through rural territory . Trekkers constitutes group of people , engage in  trips through different region of world .
There is no doubt that trekking offers the ultimate adventure & thrill , along with exercise and adrenaline rushes. but it stores much more than this . With every step we get to learn a lot from life and discover the real you .


Discover Nature through Trekking 

Trekking is totally different normal traveling trips for several reasons . Trekking is less organized as it totally depends on weather conditions and topography rather than availability of flight and hotel bookings.
Trekkers move on foot through rural areas getting more close view of the nature . They often travel through isolated region and that’s why there experience is more adventurous than normal traveling .


Essentials to carry during trekking 

Most essential piece of gear which make trekking more enjoyable is backpack. As most of the Trekkers planned for the long period & they need to carry all of their essentials with them . A backup which can comfortably carry at least 9 to 18 kg of clothes etc is good .

High-quality pair of hiking boots , survival equipment such as warm clothing , first aid kit and emergency supply of food and water are some of the essential for Trekkers.

How to Get Started Trekking with Everest Base Camp Trek of Mojhi

Trekking can be done anywhere in the world . Areas that’s popular with Trekkers are mountainous regions such as the Himalayas in Asia  , etc .

Trekking experts recommend that at the beginning trekker should go with professional groups . This would let them learn special skills & give an idea of the gear and physical ability that are required for trekking . is One of those organization that offers classes and plan trips through their adventure activities like Trekking with Everest Base Camp Trek of Mojhi

What is ? is the world largest marketplace for adventure activities. They offer over 4000 adventures. Each adventure has dynamic pricing which allows users to get the best price .Trekking with Everest Base Camp Trek of Mojhi is one of them.

Discovering Himalayas Through the Trekking with Everest Base Camp Trek of Mojhi




The Trekking with Everest Base Camp Trek of Mojhi , the most iconic base camp at the foot of the tallest mountain in the world . You can reach over here through flight from Kathmandu, capital of Nepal to lukia .

In 14 day of Everest Base Camp Trek you will discover most spectacular mountain scenery, from culture of Sherpa , following the river Dudh Khosi , entering Sagarmatha (or Everest ) national park on 5 th day and get first glimpse of the worlds highest point .

Best time to go are from March to May and from September to December, though you will find people trekking here throughout the year .

How To Book on Trekking with Everest Base Camp Trek of Mojhi ?

So what are you waiting for ,Hop into and catch the early bird registration & avail group discount offers for Everest Base Camp Trek .Don’t forget to share your experience on Trekking with Everest Base Camp Trek of Mojhi  & adventure.

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  1. I never ever even think about trekking. I think its not for me. But I like adventureous places and even I love to see any woman doing trekking. Hope one day I can too experience the same adventure. Nice post

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