Say Yes To Exploration with 6 India Travel Tips for Beginners #SayYesToTheWorld

Say Yes To Exploration with 6 India Travel Tips for Beginners
India is a versatile country with a mix of culture and traditions. And you will get to explore different food, language, clothing style etc whenever you visit a new place in India. The experience is no doubt nostalgic for me, and definitely for you too. I always wonder while traveling that how much peace and satisfaction the journey unfolds on me. Indeed moving to new place, exploration a new culture, food and meeting new people makes us open-minded, bring a sense of maturity and evolution in a personality. It completely changes our outlook to see the world and make us rejuvenating.
On the same momentum, I want to recall my 3-day Travel trip to hill station Nainital for the very first time with my sister along with her school staff. It’s the first time that we went on a journey without our parents and I’m excited as well as nervous at the same time. Luckily our parents give us permission to go and we both siblings are grateful to our parents. Going on the vacation is one of the reasons for travel is to spend quality time and explore new places with new people. The group is of all the staff members of the school and we are only officially known to each other.
We went via bus, our Journey started in the morning. Everything is going well. On our Journey, we stay at our first halt at Nanakmatta near Haldwani. It’s my second visit to the gurdwara. I’ve visited gurdwara when I was in class 6 in Delhi. The gurudwara is filled with so positivity and takes away a lot my tiredness. After offering prayers we move to langar for having food. I’m amazed by the culture that whether it’s poor or rich all having the same food on the same platform. This shows that everyone is equal in the place of God and profound equality.
After the gurudwara, our Journey continues and suddenly out bus stopped. There’s some problem with bus engine and driver discover that a rat has done this mess and we have to change the bus. We are midway in our Journey and unknown to each other. I’m very happy that the staff and management are very supportive and tell us not to worry and we will make arrangement soon. As it’s evening time, I’m very nervous and praying to reach on time. After 2 hours we got a new bus from hills and makes me relax. The hill bus is different from the plain areas it’s shorter with different style chairs. But somehow we all adjusted and reach our destination safely. Though it’s almost 8:00 pm we can only see the hills with lights on all over the area and the view is beautiful. It’s my first visit to the hills and I’m very happy that I come.
In the morning we get ready and take the breakfast arrange by management and then move to explore the city. At a point, we all took a taxi and start exploring all points together. The view is beautiful every point and also scary. To be very true I’ve fear of heights and Traveling without my Mom is a nightmare for me. Thanks to my sister and her friends who actually take good care of me. On a point, we get to taste world best momos and Maggie. Maggie and momos are very popular in these areas. The people are very innocent and Love the honest smile with which they welcome us.
Down to city, we have a lake ride. And this is also my first lake ride without my parents. Since I promised myself to do every activity, so I keep my heart strong and go for it. We also have 2 naughty kids of my sister colleagues. But thanks, God we manage to keep them under control. It’s the most beautiful lake ride for me since I do it independently without my parents. I’m so happy for that.
Then we went shopping. The locals told the popular things about this area. I love the different variations of hats and handbags. Good thing that we can do bargain and save some bucks. After shopping, we return to our Guest House. And in the morning went back to home.

This is my first independent journey and I feel so proud of my self that I’ve done it. I get to learn about variant cultures, explore natures beauty and enjoy the delightful food. This journey changes my outlook towards the world. I feel insecure while traveling alone, but the world is not so bad. Nainital Trip is the most memorable journey so far. It gives me a new perspective towards life. I learn to Say yes to the world around me and want to share travel experience with my readers. 6 India Travel Tips for Beginners that I learned from my experience.

6 India Travel Tips for Beginners

1. Choose only 2-3 Destination at a time:

In India you have lots of places to explore, it’s not easy to cover every destination at a time. You can choose from 2-3 famous cities at a time which is closely situated. If it’s your first-time travel, you can choose the classic triangle – Delhi, Jaipur, Agra to explore at a time. Or choose as per your interests. If you want to go for a romantic destination go to Kerala. If you want to check the beaches go to Goa. If you are interested in adventures activities goes to the hills in North like Himachal or Uttarakhand. If you want to explore dessert go to Rajasthan. If you want to explore history like Mughal or British era go to Delhi, Agra, and WestBengal. If you want to see the celebrity and Shopping go to Mumbai.

2. Plan a Travel Trip according to Indian Weather.

The best thing about India that it has all the Seasons Winter Summer and Rainy. These seasons occur for a particular duration in a year. Summer season, winter season, rainy season. The season also varies with region. If you are traveling in summer then you can explore Hilly or mountains region in North. While Destination like Delhi Jaipur Agra Mumbai Goa Kerala is popular during winters. So choose as per your interests and period of travel.

3. Pack Smartly

Don’t overlook Packing while traveling in India. Pack clothes as per the climate conditions of the destination you are traveling. If you are traveling in Winter or Hilly areas, always pack some woolen. If you are traveling in summer or sea-shore cities like Mumbai & Kerala, beaches like Goa, dessert-like Rajasthan pack cotton clothes to combat the effect of heat. Always carry your Sunscreen and Sunglasses with you. A power bank as a backup for your phone. And some medicine for general ailments like fever, headache, vomiting, stomach cramps etc. Hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean.

4. Beware of Scammers

Every field is full of Scammers. Don’t fall trap for offers, deals by the scammers. Always book your tour via a Travel agency or Tour guide verified by Ministry of Tourism, India. Since you are new to place anyone takes benefit of it and cheat you by offering a scam deal. Think thrice and do thorough research before spending or opting for a travel tour.

5. Safety

Safety can’t be overlooked if you are traveling to a New place. One of the most important India Travel Tips.
Don’t share your personal info or anything while talking to people. Don’t eat or drink offered by the fellow travelers. Avoid Traveling during the odd hours if you are using public transport. Don’t carry a large amount while traveling. Keep updating your family about your location and hotel address. Always carry an ID proof Xerox and original with you. Keep a note of Emergency helpline number of Government. You can now dial 100 for Police, 103 for Ambulance.

6. Stay in Budget

You can have a budget-friendly Trip while traveling in India. Medium range hotels provide best Travel stays. Always try local food and mid-range restaurant offer good food. Do bargaining while shopping in local market. Use Public transport like Volvo, Trains as they are inexpensive and much cheaper than flying. Carry some snacks with you so that you can eat during hunger pangs, as in most Travel places you will not find food to eat.
These are the 6 India Travel Tips for Beginners. Are you World traveler? What is your Travel inspiration? What’s your India Travel Tips? Just become open-minded and go on exploration, you will definitely fall in love with the world.

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  1. Very insightful and to the point. We need to be aware of scammers everywhere. Also packing accordingly is important.

  2. This was a very helpful post . Love the insights and tips you have shared here.

  3. Wonderful points. I also feel its important to have the key data including documents and travel or stay reciepts in a Google drive or email… That way even if mobile and originals are lost, can be accessed from any internet center.

  4. Dr.Amrita Basu says: Reply

    The journey seems to be a lot of fun.The rat could have caused chsos indeed
    Great tips for Indian travel.

  5. jhilmildsaha says: Reply

    A really helpful guide for travellers. I am happy that you have raised the issue of scammers. We should be really aware of them and also properly ask the details of a tour package before taking up. Good luck for your entry

  6. AnukritiLovesReading says: Reply

    Packing light is a must. You never know what situation you might get into and you don’t want your bags to be a problem.

  7. Mrinal Kiran says: Reply

    Loved the tips! I have never travelled but plan to do in near future! These tips will come really handy!

  8. book_gobbler says: Reply

    Like all other posts, this is again a very helpful post from you and comes exactly at the time when we are busy planning a trip, a small getaway.

  9. Amazing and thoughtful post !! This guide will surely help travellers.

  10. There’s a lot to take away from this post. I loved reading about your trip to Nainital. The tips for first time travellers is also very useful.

  11. I totally agree that we should plan maximum 3 places in our itinerary in order to enjoy the trip. Safety is always a priority for every traveller.

  12. Isheeria's Healing Circles says: Reply

    I am so happy you dcided to travel, it definitely is a learning experience and expands one’s horizons. Shared good and practical tips indeed.

  13. Very useful post for anyone who loves travelling. Smart tips to remember. Sharing with friends!

  14. Indian weather can be a total pain. But yeah it is very important to plan according to Indian weather.

  15. Deborah Miranda says: Reply

    I love travelling and these tips are amazing..a ready reckoner i am sure to refer to next time i travel

  16. Sharvari Paivaidya Mehan says: Reply

    Great tips here. Pack according to weather and climatic conditions. One must be aware of scammers. Ensure your luggage is locked and in your sight while travelling

  17. Yes one should also be respectful of the local customs wherever you are traveling and also read about the place as much as you can. Small trivial its also helps sometimes in emergencies

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