Top 7 Elegant Places in India For Shopaholics

Have you watched the movie “The Confessions of a Shopaholic”? Are you able to relate to the feelings and the doings of the protagonist? If yes, then you too have an inclination towards shopping. Bringing the list of Top 7 Elegant Places in India For Shopaholics. In case you are not a shopaholic, yet, you must be shopping once in a while to meet your requirements, right? So, for all the readers out there, this post gives you a brief idea about the top 7 shopping destinations in India that you should definitely try out to be the hot topic of your locality and amidst your friend circle.

Top 7 Elegant Places in India For Shopaholics

Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Which place can be better than Mumbai when it comes to shopping? A city that is strewn with the Bollywood celebrities going down the roads, Mumbai sets the trend in India.

As the attractive celebrities’ wave to the fans, the fashion is instantly noted down and made available to the common people. The commodities and garments that can be bought in Mumbai have a vast range when it comes to pricing. From street fashion to designer wear, everything is available under one sky.

Shopping while walking down the crowded Fashion Street makes fashion available at a small price.

The city houses many shopping malls like the Oberoi Mall, the Infinity Mall, the Phoenix Market City and much more that house the top national and international brands of the world and makes the shopping experience sophisticated.

Delhi, Delhi

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Delhi, the capital of India, presents a wide variety of goods ranging from cosmetics to garments to household utilities and what not. This is the place where you can get hold of a nail polish from 1 INR! Can you believe this?

Well to turn your disbelief into belief, here are the places that you should try out in Delhi when you are on a shopping spree: The Sadar Chowk has the cheapest collection of everything available in any other parts of India and is, thus, overcrowded all the year round.

The Chandni Chowk market, the largest wholesale market in Asia, has a vast collection of stitched and unstitched materials to offer along with watches, glass bangles, glassware & spectacles, shoes and many other fashionable products. This is the place where the copies of designer clothing can be purchased at a much lower and unbelievable rate.

Apart from these wholesale markets, the Tripoli market, Palika Bazaar, Connaught Place, Karol Bagh and others offer such a lovely and energetic shopping experience that even 10 days of a continuous shopping spree seems less!

Kolkata, West Bengal

Top 7 Elegant Places in India For Shopaholics kolkataPhoto by Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay, creativecommons(dot)org/ licenses/ by-sa/2.0/

This is one of the oldest cities in India to develop a shopping mall at the time of the British Rule. With Hogg Market being the oldest shopping mall, Kolkata has always been among the top shopping destinations.

While the Red Bordered Taant Sarees have been a favorite shopping item over so many years, Kolkata has also joined the league in stocking and selling regional, national and international goods as well.

Thus, places like the New Market (formerly known as the Hogg Market), Metro Plaza, AC Market and Emami Market have flourished as the eminent market for imported goods that are mainly brought in from Thailand, Singapore, and other Asian countries.

The different modern shopping malls like the Quest Mall, the South City Mall, Forum and others display the biggest international and national brands. Thus, Kolkata is amongst the Top 7 Elegant Places in India For Shopaholics.

Jaipur, Rajasthan

Top 7 Elegant Places in India For Shopaholics jaipur-rajasthanPhoto by Benjamin Vander Steen, creativecommons(dot)org licenses/ by/2.0/

Jaipur gives a taste of royalty when it comes to shopping. From the famous Jutis to Rajasthani bangles to Bandhni clothes to the light-weight quilts, Jaipur says it all. The products from Jaipur have a splendid quality.

The designs come with a touch of gold and the colorful embroidery are given a shiny touch to make them look royal and sophisticated. Thus, the overall shopping experience in Jaipur comes with a package comprising of quality, royalty and a pocket-friendly experience.

Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

Top 7 Elegant Places in India For Shopaholics kashmir srinagarPhoto by BOMBMAN, ,creativecommons(dot)org/ licenses by/2.0/

Srinagar is the storehouse of the finest woolen goods in the world. This place has got the best stock of Pashmina shawls and cashmere wool sweaters. Woolen salwar suits and kaftans also require special mention.

Another noteworthy genre of purchase is the famous Kashmiri spices. These spices, especially saffron, have got the best flavors compared to the same spices that are cultivated in any other part of the world. Thus, Kashmir is a top city to shop for in India.

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow is among the Top 7 Elegant Places in India For Shopaholics. It is the city where the famous chikan work can be purchased in the form of salwar suits, kurtas, bed-sheets, scarves and much more.

Because of the light cotton material used that is immensely comfortable, this form of clothing has gained popularity all over the world. Also, the soothing monotone and the multi-color variations of the chikan embroidery have made the garments and the other utility materials a grand success.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Top 7 Elegant Places in India For Shopaholics chennai-tamil-nadu

Photo by Ashwin Kumar, creativecommons(dot)org licenses/ by-sa2.0/

Chennai is known for the collection of silk sarees. The most famous regional saree, Kanjeevaram, can be purchased from Chennai because of the huge collection.

Almost every color that you can think of is woven into a silk saree and is made available in the market as a mark of the traditional sophistication, thus, making Chennai one of the best places in India to indulge in shopping. Plan your itinerary for Chennai accordingly.

Now that we have come to the end of this discussion, it is certain that even the people who hate shopping will start to develop a fine interest in the gorgeous collections. Again, it can also be said certainly that the people who are shopaholics have already started planning on their next shopping spree by the end the post. So, enjoy shopping for yourself and your loved ones and cherish the sophisticated memoirs bought from these Top 7 Elegant Places in India For Shopaholics.

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