7 Blogging Challenges for a Successful Blog by Dr. Amrita Misra

In India blogging has been in a revolutionized phase and so I am. Blogging is the best way to express ourselves, making our thoughts stand out, connected to outer space, meeting new friends and of course full-time profession. 7 Blogging Challenges for a Successful Blog book by Dr Amrita talks about the Journey and its challenges from scratch. And how to make the blogging fun and productive by following a simple plan.

My Choosy Picks from the book

Being an avid blogger I always love to explore new things about blogging. I believe blogging is all about experimenting with new things. The book topic is my favourite where the author talks about 7 blogging challenges which changed her life as a blogger.

This books talks about 7 Blogging Challenges for a Successful Blog:








According to author every challenge give a new blogging experience. Introduces a blogging discipline like the habit of writing, reading new blogs, impacts use of twitter chats, connecting to the blogging community. And introduces different aspects of blogging.

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