How to stimulate baby brain development #FeedIQ

How to stimulate baby brain development

The moment a new life comes into the womb, a mother promises to give her baby the best. But it’s easier said than done. Due to lack of knowledge and proper approach, this task can get difficult for mothers. Apart from executing routine activities like feeding, playing etc with your baby to stimulate baby brain development, interaction with the newborn via brain exercises are vital. In addition, taking proper nutrition during pregnancy is important for baby brain development.

Different Phases of Baby Brain Development:

Pregnancy Period:

During Pregnancy, child brain development begins. It’s mostly affected by mother’s nutrition-rich diet, genetics, and environmental factors.

After Birth:

Baby brain development is a lifelong process, but most of the growth and development takes place in the early phase of baby’s life.

90% of the child’s brain development happens by the age of 2 years.

Stimulating Brain Development:

To stimulate baby brain development requires certain nutrients and infant brain exercises. Nutrition accounts for essential nutrient intake during pregnancy as well as through breastfeeding. Infant brain exercises include daily interaction with your baby with the proper approach.

What is the role of nutrition in baby brain development?

Right nutrition during pregnancy promotes healthy growth of the baby. One of the nutrients like DHA plays a vital role in developing brain cells and brain connections. DHA is easily prone to oxidation. To overcome this, proper intake of Natural Vitamin E is needed. DHA helps to develop proper cognition.

Natural Vitamin E accumulates in parts of the baby brain and accounts for visual memory and language development. Baby is fully dependent on mother to meet these nutritional requirements. Hence, proper nutrition means feeding IQ to the baby!

Other ways of feeding IQ to your baby is attained through breastfeeding and infant brain exercises.How to stimulate baby brain development

What’s the role of brain exercise as an important part of child brain development?

The social and cognitive skills during the first 2 years from birth account for baby brain development. It helps determine a child’s IQ at a later stage.

Brain exercises for 0-6 months:

Vision: Play peek-a-boo with your baby. It’s fun at 5th month and will teach the baby the concept of object performance.

Hearing: Introduce various voices, sounds to your baby.

Tactile: Introduce different textures to your baby. It stimulates brain development.

Language: Make the child understand the cues and words by using back and forth interaction words.

Cognition: Help your child to track the movement of toys.

Brain exercises for 6-12 months:

Vision: Let your child relate to animals, fruits, flowers in real and through pictures.

Hearing: Introduce some poems to your child.

Tactile: Introduce crayon colors to the child.

Language: Teach words by associating them with action.

Cognition: Play games that involve brain exercise like hide and seek, etc.

Brain exercises for 12 to 18 months:

Motor: Introduce activities like throwing balls, etc. to build gross motor skills.

Language: Encourage child by giving them a task associated with colors or words to find out. Give a small task to a child to complete.

Cognition: Introduce puzzle games like rearrange words, numbers etc.

How to Track Brain development milestones for infants:

The cognition milestones in infants can be checked in two modes – receptive mode and expressive mode.

Receptive mode:

By checking how much your baby follows commands given by you.

Expressive mode:

By checking how comfortable your baby is in saying a meaningful word.

On a closing note, baby brain development can be successfully attained by right nutrition and infant brain exercises.

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