The Best SANDPAPER NUMBERS For Your Child From Skola Toys

In my earlier post, I’ve talked a lot about Child Learning Journey.  Different kinds of problems associated with it and making Parents aware of facts and solutions To Deal With Problem Pertaining To Toys And Child’s Learning. Then I’ve talked about How Skola Toys Is Making Learning Journeys Designed As Play? 

If you are facing any problems associated with your child learning. these two posts will give complete solutions to Child Learning Journey. So to carry forward the Learning journey, the main question is from where to start?


You have to start from the first step of learning is identifying alphabets and numbers through playing, Recently I’ve got my hands on a Toy from Skola toys and let’s check how Skola Toys made The Best SANDPAPER NUMBERS For Your Child.

Ordering, Delivery & Packaging of Skola Toys:

Starting with Ordering – You can order Skola Toys Here. The website is user-friendly gives a clear idea to choose the right toys for their kids.

You can browse by applying filter according to age groups. Like if your child is from 0-2 yrs age, choose the required ages group from the filter and click ok.

The toys suited for your child age group will be listed automatically. Now you can choose activity toys as per your requirement.

Delivery is super quick and If I say its Rocket speed then It’s very true. I’ve received the Skola Toys in 3-4 days after the order is in the small city. Yeah, they deliver to metro cities which makes me super happy.

So if you live in a small city, it’s good news that your child can enjoy Skola Toys now. If you live in the metro city I think you can receive the product within 2-3 days. I’m completely satisfied with the delivery services.

The packaging looks very good. Let’s unbox it. Like you can see that packaging is damage proof and sturdy. This means your toy will reach you safely without any damage, like what I’ve received.

The Best SANDPAPER NUMBERS For Your Child From Skola Toys

Skola toys have created Journey through counting for learning arithmetic. They believed that by associating numbers with words, sequencing, evaluating quantities and learning cardinals properties children grasp the numbers from 1 to 10 very easily.

This strengthens their arithmetic foundation. They are classified into five different stages. I’ve received a toy from Journey through Counting Stage I that is SandPaper Numbers from the Skola Toys. 

About the SandPaper Numbers

The Best SANDPAPER NUMBERS For Your Child From Skola Toys

The counting journey begins with identifying numbers that are associating Names with number symbols. Learning numbers through the feeling texture of sands is fascinating for kids.

They love to explore new things with their hands. This toy helps them memorize the numbers and they trace, mimic and associate the shapes with numbers easily.

And once they become proficient with name and numeral association, They are ready to move to stage second which is learning to the sequence of numbers.

Price: 495 INR

What kind of activities can be done with the SandPaper Numbers?

The Best SANDPAPER NUMBERS For Your Child From Skola Toys

Activity 1- Tracing

Teach your child to trace the number using middle and index numbers and say the number. In starting child may not trace accurately and fingers will move all over the card.

But with time and practice, they’ll learn to trace it properly. It takes around two months time for your child to master the tracing activity.

Activity 2- Memory Game

Make a set of 0-9 number on a chart paper. And ask your child to match the card number by putting a marker on a card. This way child memorize the numbers easily and learn to play with numbers

How SandPaper Numbers activity develop Skills?

Tracing number with fingers will strengthen the muscle memory of the child. It develops fine motor and pre-writing skills in a child. And saying the number at end combines texture, muscles, vision & audio.

Regular playing with SandPaper Numbers your child interrelate name and numeral associations to their memory and hence increase their power of retention and to recall.

What makes the SandPaper Numbers from the Skola Toys different from others?

I’ve received a toy from Journey through Counting Stage I that is SandPaper Numbers from the Skola Toys. 

The Best SANDPAPER NUMBERS For Your Child From Skola Toys

The SandPaper Numbers is suitable for 2.5+ age group of children and It consists of 10 wooden cards with  0-9 numbers made from sandpapers stick on it. Along with this, we’ve received a small wooden tray for stacking the cards.

Talking about the quality of the product which is very good. The product is made from a wooden material which is eco-friendly, safe for your child health.

The texture of cards is sturdy, smooth and lightweight which makes it friendly and easy to use for kids. The wooden tray is solid and polished which compliments the cards.

This product is one of the simplest and perfect learning methods to start off your kid’s Journey through Counting. Extremely friendly and easy to play by a child of two-three years of age in identifying the numbers.

As each number is sandpaper formatted, which makes easy for a child to touch and trace the number with their little fingers. If they make a mistake they can feel the sandpaper and learn to correct their mistakes.

It’s easy to teach the child the identity of the number and very quickly they memorize it. Even you’ll find your child learn to write about numbers by them only with less or no mistakes.

This gives extra points to SandPaper Numbers activity. The numbers are large and a child can easily correlate it with new maths activity like sequencing, Numeral association, cardinal numbers, etc.

These sandpaper letters proved to be an amazing learning tool for kids.  This strengthens the foundation of Journey through Counting. I would definitely recommend this activity both in the classroom and at home. 

SandPaper Numbers from the Skola Toys is a Simple yet creative activity which definitely holds educational value for the little buds.

Childhood is meant for playing so don’t force your rules on them. Keep it simple and open the world of fun learning for your kids with Skola Toys.

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