How Skola Toys Is Making Learning Journeys Designed As Play

How Skola Toys is making Learning Journeys Designed As Play

The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day,
runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measures. 

It is the same life that is rocked in the ocean-cradle of birth and,
of death, in the ebb, and in the flow. 

I feel my limbs are made glorious by a touch of this world of life. 
And my pride is from the life-throb of ages dancing in my blood this moment

Excerpts from Rabindranath Tagore poem -Stream Of Life

The poem reflects the true essence of life where we set out to reach a status in life, but what becomes more important are the things we have gained in our quest to get there. Similarly, when children set out to learn a certain “something”, the journey to learn that is critical.

Learning in proper way and manner remains with us in long run. We all reached our dream goal more or less in time. The things that matter is what helps us to reach there.

How To Deal With Problem Pertaining To Toys And Child's Learning

How a little child goes about learning to add 2 numbers, for instance. Yes, of course, 2+2=4, but how did the child get there.

  1. Did we give them the answer helpfully and smilingly?
  2. Did they just hear the answer once, and immediately register it to memory?
  3. Did they see it in a book and write it down 5 times, so it became a fact?
  4. Did they learn to count first, practice it for a couple of months counting anything and everything they came across? Did they then count 2 and 3, put it together and arrive at the answers making many mistakes along the way and learning from them?

These represent different categories of learning methods. First and second has now learning basics. And is following 20℅ of proper learning method.

Each route created a different type of learner, and certainly, the last group of learners would emerge wisest and most confident, just because their journey has been most meaningful and enriching, gaining something at each step of the way.

For young children, true happiness comes from doing an activity, not completing it and finding an answer. Their focus is always clearly in the process and not the outcome.

How To Deal With Problem Pertaining To Toys And Child's Learning

Like we always pressure children to get good marks and say others what are they doing? They are coming first in the class. We are only concentrating on the results and forget about the basics that our kids are going to miss in this run.

We always see that children enjoy the process of playing a game and doesn’t bother about the end results. And we want them to focus on end results, no matter whatever is the journey is.

Learning always occurs when children engage voluntarily in purposeful activities. So if we give them a series of the right tools, they are sure to journey through all areas of learning with great gusto and enjoyment arriving at answers at each stage on their own.

Just like each of us have different journeys running simultaneously all teaching us something different, so also at any point in time, the child is not on one particular journey alone. The child may be at a point where she/he is

  • Learning to read 3 letter words
  • Becoming familiar with the sequence of numbers
  • Starting to use 2 hands for some activities
  • Becoming aware of cause and effectiveHow To Deal With Problem Pertaining To Toys And Child's Learning

Every child is unique in the way they start and move through these journeys. Learning is never a single occurrence, learning even one single concept involves a series of steps.

How Skola Toys is making Learning Journeys Designed As Play

So what is the proper way of learning? How can we make our children focus on the process and not on the results as a Parents? How can we concentrate the energy of our kids in the proper direction? Skola has all your answers to these questions

Every Skola journey takes children systematically through a series of experiences that are incrementally challenging enabling them to discover and learn something new at each stage. Every stage is facilitated by a toy playing with which will allow children to challenge themselves in an interesting way.

An example of a learning journey is:

SkolaToys are exclusively curated to make learning journey more productive and yet entertaining and fun. Let’s have a quick look how they are making it possible:

Motor Skills Development:

They have toys which help children to improve their motor skills and develop coordination with their fingers. Thus making them more independentHow To Deal With Problem Pertaining To Toys And Child's Learning

Easy Way of learning Language

How To Deal With Problem Pertaining To Toys And Child's LearningThe games are designed to help children learn alphabet letters with the help of sounds, words puzzles that bring confidence in their reading writing and communication.

Developing sensory skills:

Skola toys are designed to help children to understand the environment better with the help of shapes, colors, sizes, movements etc.

Playing with Numbers:

How To Deal With Problem Pertaining To Toys And Child's Learning

Skola toys transform the world of maths into the tangible experience and make counting, sequencing, quantity easy.

Improve Cognitive Skills:

How To Deal With Problem Pertaining To Toys And Child's Learning

Skola toys improve learning skills by exercising their memory, improve analysis and focus which help them to solve problems on their own! This is How Skola Toys is making Learning Journeys Designed As Play.

Keep it simple and open the world of fun learning for your kids with Skola Toys. Visit to understand children’s learning journeys and view toys that facilitate incremental learning.

Enable our future generations to play, explore and discover through “Learning Journeys designed as Play

Till then

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy

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  1. These are such fun toys! I always like it when toys bring education and fun.

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  14. I have four grandchildren, and they love the adventure, the doing, more than the end results.

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    1. yeah very safe, learning toys for overall development of kids

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    1. yeah very safe, learning toys for overall development of kids

  17. worldofmakeupmagique says: Reply

    That’s so impressive… it’s a great way of inculcating learning

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  18. Mamatha Eshwaraiah says: Reply

    Such an amazing collection of toys they have ? They all look so elegant and kids would just love to dog in their toys collection. I have this new love for wooden toys these days and looks like they have it all

    1. yeah very safe, learning toys for overall development of kids

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    1. yeah very safe, learning toys for overall development of kids

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