How To Deal With Problem Pertaining To Toys And Child’s Learning

How To Deal With Problem Pertaining To Toys And Child's Learning
Childhood is incomplete without toys. Toys create memories and a good source of learning. You must be knowing the importance of Good toy that makes your child healthy and happy at the same time. How to buy safe toys? Is there any specific safety standard to look for while buying? This questions always run in your mind while buying toys. And you want the best toy which helps in your child growth. Let’s have a look at some problem pertaining to toys & child’s learning and How To Deal With Problem Pertaining To Toys And Child’s Learning:

Confused about buying the Best Toys for Your Kids

How To Deal With Problem Pertaining To Toys And Child's LearningWith so many options available market confuses you what to opt for? However, special care should be taken while buying these toys as they may contain harmful chemicals. It’s reported that Toys contains heavy metals like leads which can be dangerous for your kids. You are definitely influences from the options available in the market and through advertisement. But your kids don’t need a handful of toys and not all toys are fancy.

Struggling to keep Your Child Engaged

How To Deal With Problem Pertaining To Toys And Child's LearningYou want them to follow the timetable. Less time to be spent on gadgets and TV, but they don’t. I’ve seen many kids around 2-3 years using a cell phone for playing games and watching cartoons. And after some time their mothers complain about that their child doesn’t listen and has lack of concentration. They sometimes ignore it and sometimes burst on them which makes the situation much weird.

Lack of awareness of how children learn in early years?

Many of us are not aware of the importance of learning in childhood. They associate learning with schooling. It is believed that child will learn and be taught about everything at school. This led to ignorance of time period which will help your child’s development including communication and social and emotional development.

How to make your child learn while having fun?

Kids start to learn from the moment they come to the world. They learn to catch your expression and communicate you for their needs through expression. Kids learn best while having fun and activities which involves more engagement and observance. Parents often struggle to concentrate the proper attention on their child. Be it a school lesson or personal development, everyone wants their child to win the race.How To Deal With Problem Pertaining To Toys And Child's Learning
Fun makes learning easy and comes naturally. This kind of learning stays with them for the long-term and helps is the all-round development of Kids, emotionally, physically and socially. However, many parents are totally unaware and consider it as a waste of time, which can cause severe consequences.

Influence of Gadget addiction

How To Deal With Problem Pertaining To Toys And Child's LearningLiving in the 21st century we want our child to be smartest. And wants to make our child Einstein in a day. And to meet this proudly expose our child to gadgets and indirectly to the internet. Did you ever think a child of 1-7yr of age in the process of development, take it? They watch their favorite cartoons and play their favorite games. It’s reported that a child has been died because of blue whale game after downloading on his dad’s cell phone. Parents following the trend without thinking about the long-term consequences of gadgets.

How To Deal With Problem Pertaining To Toys And Child’s Learning

These are only the handful of problems arises before parents pertaining to toys & child’s learning. In many situations, parents are unaware of it. And some who are aware are juggling with confusion. So What next? How to choose the best toy that will be good for their overall development? How To Deal With Problem Pertaining To Toys And Child’s Learning 

Recently I’ve come across the Skola Toys based on the Principles of concrete learning. They aim at engaging child between 1 and 8 in activities that engage multiple senses. They have researched the  Toys with single objective approach engage children totally and have significant learning impact than multi-purpose toys.

Outdoor games can be learned through fun practice. But how maths can be made fun while learning? It’s believed that when a child manipulates toys using their hands, They develop knowledge with muscle memory. When the learning process is mediated through the right toys, it sets the child on an exciting journey through play. This develops motor skills. Through puzzles and logic play children develop problem-solving and analytical skills at an early age. This makes children more confidence, help them grow socially and emotionally.

Skola toys open up the new world of learning for your child. They will have fun while exploring the new aspect of the world around them. Skola toys are made of renewable sources, which makes them natural and eco-friendly. The toys follow the international safety standards. These toys are made after research over the years through their educational materials and curriculum for preschools. They have been providing the high-quality educational materials to more than 10,000 schools for over 25 years.

Childhood is meant for playing so don’t force your rules on them. Hope you’ve now learned how To Deal With Problem Pertaining To Toys And Child’s Learning. Keep it simple and open the world of fun learning for your kids with Skola Toys.


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  5. Skola toys ensure that kids have fun as well as learn at the same time. I like the fact that they are Eco friendly and safe for kids. Will definitely buy them for my nephew…

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    Nevertheless a very informative post. thanks for sharing.

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  29. Quite frankly I find the best toys for very young children are pots and pans, jharoos and other stuff that is handy around the house. All it needs is a little imagination from the care giver to make toys out of household items. Sofas become ships, dining tables become homes…..

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