How to strengthens Husband Wife Relationship in Islam?

How to strengthens Husband Wife Relationship in Islam

Husband wife relationship is the only bound that exists till last breath. One has to leave their mother, father, brother, sister, and children. The one that goes until the end is Husband wife relationship. To make this journey fruitful one has to become mature and give space to each other existence. How to strengthens Husband Wife Relationship?

Life completely changes after marriage. It’s the start of beautiful era whom charm longevity depends on both partners efforts and commitment. The most important things that make the marriage successful is to give equal respect, trust, and space to each other wishes.

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” 

— Mingon McLaughlin

How to strengthens Husband wife relationship in Islam?

How to strengthens Husband wife relationship in Islam?It’s necessary to irrigate a field for the high yield crop, the same way it’s necessary to nurture the relationship.

The Prophet (S) said, “The best people of my nation (Ummat) are those who get married and have chosen their wives, and the worst people of my nation are those who have kept away from marriage and are passing their lives as bachelors.” 
The Prophet (S) also said, “Whosoever likes to follow my tradition, then he should know that marriage is from my tradition.”

These are various reasons to strengthens Husband wife relationship in Islam. You can achieve the same by setting relationship goals for yourself:

1) Communication: Discuss every little thing about your lifestyle. Try to involve your partner to open up by asking questions.

5 Types of Compatibility in Relationships

2) Support: Always be there in every possible way. Though due to busy schedule you will not be available all time. But technology has made this easier via video calls etc. Support them in their decision and also gives advice as a mentor. The couple helping each other have a strong relationship.

3) Affection: Don’t let your lifestyle takes away the love of your life. Steal some cozy moments and amaze your loved ones with quick surprises.

Say “Alhamdulillah” (Praise be to Allah) for whatever Allah gives us (or doesn’t give us). The Prophet (S) said, if you dislike one of his/her characteristics, you will be pleased with another.

A couple should accept each other completely and should forget the shortcomings of each other.

4) Forgiveness: Understanding each other’s point of view and giving them space won’t decrease your pride. For the committed relationship, learning to compromise, appreciating their viewpoints is essential.

In Islam “Whoever does not forgive – will not be forgiven.”

Forgiving each other mistakes won’t shorten your pride, rather add a new feather to your personality.

5) Friendship: Be the best buddies to each other. Do all that madness together that a true friend does.

Our prophet (PBUH) used to entertain his wife Ayesha (PBUH) 

Research has shown that a key ingredient of their long-term successful marriage is friendship.

6) Trust: In Islam, Husband Wife should never expose their secrets to a third person. They are ordered to be “Trustworthy” to each other. Trust is the backbone of every relationship.

7) Respect: When you give respect, you will get respect. Your relations will grow mature and makes you a better human being. These are some points to strengthens Husband wife relationship in Islam.

Rules for the survival of husband wife relationship:

How to strengthens Husband wife relationship in Islam?As the time passes the people start talking about their indifference. And the things become critical when the discussions moving outside the bedroom. Though I’m not an expert at this, I should recommend you to make some rules for the survival of husband wife relationship.

Never discuss your issues with the third person, until you don’t find the way to make it out. Then better to see a relationship counselor, instead of discussing with family and friends.

Always take out the “WE” time to spend together and have light chats.

Don’t shy away from saying sorry if it’s your fault.

How to strengthens Husband Wife Relationship in IslamBe a good listener, keep your mouth zip if your partner is arguing or getting angry instead and try to cool them up. Try to keep it healthy discussions.

Give space to each other wishes and need. Though you are married you don’t have the license to read their mobile messages or emails. Have trust and stop spying.

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