Rekindle Life with Social App, Go Cuddll Come Together #cuddll

Rekindle Life with Social App, Go Cuddll Come Together #cuddll

It’s a few days back when I was trying my best to get settled down in a new city. Though the weekdays go swiftly. But at weekend I feel very lonely left alone. And don’t even know where to move out and search activities. At that time a colleague in my office suggested doing Cuddll. I know it sounds weird like the same I’ve heard this for the first time. But actually, Cuddll comes to rescue for all my loneliness in a new city in no time and safe and secure way. You all will love to do Cuddll when I’ll explain to you what actually Cuddll is? Cuddll is an App that helps you find like-minded friends in your city. Rekindle Life with Social App, Go Cuddll Come Together

Rekindle Life with Social App, Go Cuddll Come Together

Cuddll helps you meet new & like-minded people to do interesting things together. 
Cuddll App helps users to discover like-minded people who are willing to engage group activities around them. With Cuddll user can join informal social gatherings known as Cuddll and connect with other users who are also looking out for the same activity.

How Cuddll App Works?

Cuddll is the Airbnb of social gatherings. A user can initiate and engage in social hangouts around them without the involvement of any organization or any kind of entry fees.
Rekindle Life with Social App, Go Cuddll Come Together #cuddll
Users just have to download the Cuddll app and sign up. On signing up you can plan a social gathering as per your interests. Ongoing Cuddll, the people join you or you can search the Cuddll for you. Share the experience with each other etc. Without sharing your phone number or connecting any other social media platforms. Hence, Cuddll gives you the amazing experience of finding new friends in the easy, comfortable and secure way.

How to Sign up for Cuddll?

Cuddll App is available on IOS App store as well as on Google Play Store. You can download this app as per your mobile access.
Sign up using your phone number and Complete the profile by filling the name, password and profile picture.

Once you signed up, it will direct you various categories ( social informal gatherings) available. You can choose as per your interests from various categories available. Like Celebrate, Visit, Play, Meet, discuss, drink, dance, eat, go for, watch, teach/ learn, chill.

Features that make Cuddll a promising  App

Cuddll works with the motto to do something together. Like we use to make friends while doing some activities at school, tuition, college, and office. Cuddll works on the same pattern. It gives you the safe and secure platform to make new friends in a most effective way. Now, Rekindle Life with Social App, Go Cuddll Come Together
The key ingredients here is to do something together. You can also search and Join other Cuddll’s of same interests near your place. Like others app who always ask to disclose the mobile number and social identity. With Cuddll you don’t have to share your phone number and social media identity. And also there’s is no entry fees to join any social activities.
You can create Cuddll by entering a date, day and time as per your schedule. Once done you can create or find Cuddll by entering your place.
It gives you the freedom to search uptown 50km range around you. Once done it will appear to people who are looking for same interests.

You can explore around 100+ activities like Arts, Social work, dance, friends, hobbies, food & drinks, cinema & theatre, health & wellness, fashion, and trends etc. via Cuddll.
Cuddll gives you the experience to Engage in one to one interactions that go beyond physical appearances. Gives you a comfortable environment to come forward and speak your mind in public. It takes away the pressure and you don’t have to carry the second identity and please people all the time. It gives you comfort zone in a safe way, all you need is just be you.

My experience with Cuddll

I’m very thankful to my colleague who introduced me to Cuddll. Indeed my life becomes more lively once I start using this. Now my weekends are not so lonely. Whenever I feel bored I create a Cuddll or search a Cuddll for me. And just get out and enjoy.

Being a blogger I’ve created a cuddll to find writers in my zone. I want to explore opportunities in the new city. I just entered the category of my interests, fill up the date, time and place. And my Cuddll for Writers meet has created. In few minutes, people started joining in. This is actually working in no time, which raise my interests in the app.

I’m impressed that the app is working very smoothly, without hangs etc. The Best thing is that we can choose from 100+ activities. And all the activities don’t involve formal organizations or compulsory entry fees. Moreover, you don’t have to disclose your personal details like phone number or social media identity for doing a Cuddll. This makes it a safe and secure app for sure.

This is the coolest app to Rekindle Life with Social App, Go Cuddll Come Together. If you are looking for coolest social discovery app than you should try Cuddll at least once. Especially if you are new in town, or want to take a break from routine life, or want to meet new people, this app definitely comes to rescue. Due to work and life pressure who often goes in depression zone. This app revitalized your monotonous life, takes away the stress, makes you feel better. You got to explore new horizons, via various activities, with like-minded people. This comes as a savior in today’s stressful lifestyle.

So, what are you waiting for Rekindle Life with Social App, Go Cuddll Come Together? Don’t forget to share your experience.

Disclosure: The views shared are solely Author personal experience.

DISCLAIMER: The content in this post is purely meant for educational purpose only and not to be substituted for professional advice.

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  6. book_gobbler says: Reply

    I had heard about this app but I didn’t know it’s features, you blog makes it sound interesting. Will look it up.

  7. MUMBAI 2 MELBOURNE says: Reply

    Fantastic app to meet like minded people in the social domain. Love the idea to meet creative people like the photographers meet is great creative event. Must check it out

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    this sounds interesting! definitely something which all us working people need.. it is so difficult to find like minded people around. thanks for sharing.

  11. AnukritiLovesReading says: Reply

    Oh I’ve never heard about this app . I’ll just download it right away! Thanks a lot 💕

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    This is such an amazing app to make new friends and plan gatherings without stress or any such issues!

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