Respect Woman ,Shower some love, Let her feel Special…..not ignored!!

Like God, who is popularly referred to as a male, the word ‘Ruler’ too usually brings forth a masculine image in front of our eyes. This may be because of the male-dominated society in which we live.

Why do people still feel odd doing the household work & why is it presumed that washing & cooking extra are essentially a feminine activity? Why is it granted to every woman as a Traditional boon as if they were born for this only? Why do we still feel that laundry, is a woman’s job?

Are we unfairly keeping half of our population away from their basic rights & shackles them up in this prejudice, just because of some biases that we carry?

We firmly believe that training is a must; so girls are trained to become future housewives (even the so-called career-minded women in our society will admit that they would want their daughters to first become good housewives and then good professionals).

While training the family always responses in them a lot of confidence, telling them that they are indeed capable of acquiring the necessary skills like washing & cooking.

I totally believed that we are compelled to pass on these faulty learnings on to the younger generation. From my childhood, I always saw my grandmother, my mom doing household work from cooking to washing as a compulsion.

The Men in their life depends on them for every little bit of things. Their eyes open fulfilling demands of each family member. Voices like ‘get ready my clothes’, ‘Breakfast is ready or not?’ ‘where is my shoes & wallet’ ‘Please wash & Iron my office clothes’

Ahhhh…that’s not the beginning & that’s not the end. My life & I think every women life revolves around this issue 24*7. We’ve become blindfolded & it’s become our mindset up that these works are women-oriented. Thanks to technology like washing machines made our life easier & puts it on a better note.

A housewife works to tend and maintain her family’s home environment and care for and teach her children and provide support (food, clothing, home etc.) for her husband. She provides a supporting role for her family which complements the support role of her husband (providing income).

I firmly believe that it is very important to end this prejudice by giving housewives the right values at home itself.

Housewives are ever-willing to sacrifice for the family. they would do washing & cooking with a contented smile. They will certainly make formidable managers if they are given a chance to improve these inherent qualities in them.  Where else could one find managerial talent in such abundance?

The best part of the story is that this ‘institution’ called the ‘housewife’ keeps on producing more of its kind without anyone egging them on. It is a natural source of managerial talent.

This prejudice can be overcome by decreasing some workload of housewives & members of family should  share domestic responsibilities by making habit of doing personal work by themselves  like eating, drinking my own, help in washing clothes by putting them in sun for drying  and dividing many household tasks like this & give her time for relaxing & refreshing. Respect Woman, Shower some love …..Let her feel special ……not ignored!!!

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