I Love My WORK !!!

Hey, what’s up? What’s you doing? Are you enjoying doing it or just carry it like boredom? Each of us is working and either we enjoy our work or take it as a task just to complete lifecycle. 

I always ask questions to myself like Is it the same work I want to do ? If I’m enjoying my work? 
If I’m getting back the same results as I assumed? My answer to the questions is Yes.
Yes, I love my work, this happens a long time back when I was a kid, daydreaming about to be a doctor. Everyone around me tries to brainwash of my parents, she’s is a girl, why she needs to be highly educated? Some say ” your are spending so much money on your girl’s education, will you able to get the same level educated groom? ” Some says ” this much money can complete her marriage affairs “
One day my parents called me up & ask me ” choose one marriage or education ” I straight-forward said ” I want to add Doctor as a prefix to my name, I would be glad if you spend money on my education that you saves  for my marriage ” 
Time passes on. My parents stand by my back & support me through my journey of becoming a doctor. 
After becoming a doctor life is also not so easy, I have to choose my work path. Being a Gynaecologist we have to perform OPD’s, IPD’s, ND & D&C’s ( abortion ). From the very first time, I decided to not to do abortion as well as commission on Lab test, A big No for me !!! 
My parents & colleagues said ” you will not be successful & in demand, if you don’t perform it ” 
I said ” My self-esteem, values & Education is not for Sale, I will not do it. I’ll not follow the crowd, rather walk alone “
Yes, my Work is at risk, but Guys always remember 

If your work is at risk means your life is beautiful 

I know that I will not be on the hotlist of Doctors, I will not earn that much, but how can I eat, drink & sleep peacefully by performing such act. Many patients come to me asking for Sex determination of fetus, I said no. I always joined a job on my conditions, clearly telling them I will not do abortions until unless its patient’s medical needs. 
Yes, I love my work, do it on my conditions, following all the rules & values that I have set for it. This gives me mental peace & satisfaction. And I’m happy the day I’ll die I will have no regrets from my life & my work.
 That’s my story of work. I evaluate every bit of it !!! What’s your work story, did you evaluate it or not? Hang on, Take a deep breath and evaluate your life, your work & its results.  Check out the questionnaire below & make your work life comfortable. 
  • What’s work are you doing? Is it the same you have dreamed of?
  • Are you enjoying being at your workplace & colleagues?
  • Do you feel heaviness or laziness while going to your work 
  • Did your work inspires you & people around you
  • Did you sleep peacefully at night or not?
  • Did you always in tension like your work is a problem?
  • Are you following the crowd or strongly choose a different path?


If all the answer is Yes, that’s means you are enjoying your life.

If any of the answers is No means your life’s going in the wrong direction !!! 
Take the control of it in your hands before it blows you in depths. 

How to take the control of your work?

Different people different perspective . I know it’s not easy to switch to our dream work. But it’s also not impossible. We can’t change it 100% due to society restrictions but we can bring revolution in a part of it. Keep this always in mind. Don’t ever compromise your values. Once you say no to compromise, your work will be at risk. But as I said earlier If your work is at risk means your life is beautiful. And also After death, it’s only our deed that will be carry forward and not anything else.
My dad always said
गिरते हैं शाह सवार ही मैदान ए जांग में 
वो तुफल क्या गिरे जो घुटनों के बल चलें
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15 Replies to “I Love My WORK !!!”

  1. I am happy to read that you are following your passion on your own terms . Proud of you woman. Loved the saying of your Father. #SIM

    1. Thanks 🙂

  2. No one could be happy not doing something they don’t believe in, especially when that act would result in someone causing harm or death to an unborn baby. Kudos to you.

    1. thanks 🙂

  3. Hey Bushra! I really love the way you have taken your decision. As a doctor, not doing abortion and saying no to lab test commissions is really a step I applaud you of. I remember my parents asking the same question , I was a person who from the beginning said I would not want to have a boss. I want to have an empire with people working for me. I have been working towards it for a long time now and I can see my empire beginning to take shape.

    1. thanks 🙂

  4. I love my job too – I always look forward to getting up and going to work because I have a wonderful job.

    1. thanks 🙂

  5. Wohoo!!! I know a Doctor who also has the same principles and she is a real nice freind of mine. You are a great woman Bushra!!! If we have more doc lke you this country will be spared of female foeticide

    richa recently posted….http://www.allthatsmom.co.in/read-everything-need-know-pregnancy/

    1. thanks 🙂

  6. I admire you for setting boundaries and doing your work the way you see fit.

    1. thanks 🙂

  7. beautifully written and your passion for work comes out in this

    1. thanks 🙂

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