Infocus Turbo 5 Review: A beautiful smartphone with excellent performance #InFocusTurbo5

Infocus Turbo 5 Review

Ever-growing smartphone industry is overwhelmed with the launch of InFocus Turbo 5. So what is it about the Infocus Turbo5 that has everyone gushing with excitement? Read more about Infocus Turbo 5 Review: A beautiful smartphone with excellent performance

Well, to start things off, you can say that it is the premium version to offer you chic experience at a much lesser price. It is launched in India in the month of July. Out of the box, we were impressed by its 2.5D Curved Glass, 5.2 HD display, Incredible battery life and fingerprint sensor.

I’ve already discussed InFocus Turbo 5: Design and Accessories in detail. So, what’s my experience after using Infocus Turbo5? Whether Is it value for money? Let’s find out in Infocus Turbo 5 Review

What I think about Infocus Turbo5 Design

Infocus Turbo5 is a great-looking smartphone and you’ll fall in love with its metal finish. In my hands is the device of classy Mocha Gold color. The device offers lightweight experience despite its powerful performance.

The Infocus Turbo5 sports a 5.2-inch vivid wide-angle screen gives you spectacular HD quality display, so it is pretty huge. The large curvature of the 2.5D screen has a silky smooth touch. And its slim body makes for a comfortable and cozy grip in the hand.

Infocus turbo5 is available in two colors Mocha Gold and Pure Gold and in two variants:    1) 2Gb RAM/ 16Gb ROM for 6,999₹    2) 3Gb RAM/ 32Gb ROM for 7,999₹. 

You can get your hands on Infocus Turbo5 at Amazon
InFocus Turbo 5 (Mocha Gold, 32GB, 5000mAH Battery)

  The best feature of the Infocus Turbo5 is it’s two days long battery life. This permits to use the phone for long hours while multitasking like playing games, surfing Internet, listening music etc. Infocus Turbo 5 Review You’ll find a 13MP rear camera with LED flash and the fingerprint sensor at the back. All in all, we found the Infocus Turbo5 Pro to be quite a ravishing device. It’s got all the looks and specs and is definitely a premium buy.

How we find it’s Performance

We’ve tested the performance of this smartphone thoroughly. And we’ve found that the Infocus Turbo5 is a solid performer. The feature that makes the Infocus Turbo5 stand out is its powerful 5,000mAh battery. The company claims that it can last for at least 50 hours of music/ 23 hours of video calling on a single charge. During our work time with the device, we found this to be almost true. Nowadays We all are social media freak and wishes long battery life for our cell phone. Turbo 5 is the perfect match for us.   Being a doctor and blogger I get to use many apps on my cell phone like Medscape, Gmail, Ymail, Buffer, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, what’s app, Pinterest etc. I’ve downloaded these apps, in addition, heavy games like Snipper 3D Gun and WWE and also watched videos on YouTube. The smartphone runs On latest Android 7.0 which enhances its performance. I’ve found that the phone handles multitasking without any lag. Switching between the apps is seamless. While playing games and watching videos, the Infocus Turbo5 ran flawlessly with no issues. And after using it for long hours the smartphone doesn’t get heated up a lot, which is impressive. The smartphone’s 5.2-inch vivid wide-angle HD display looks wonderful while playing games and watching videos. The high-resolution videos are sharp with vibrant colors, and the big screen is cheery on the top. During our testing, we found that the display is bright enough on outdoors. The speaker quality is soothing and loud enough for general usage. The call quality of the device is also decent. On the camera front, Infocus Turbo5 owes 5MP front camera and 13MP rear camera with LED flash. Infocus Turbo 5 Review During our testing, we found the camera captures great clicks in daylight performance gives you crisp and detailed photos.

day light

In the low-light, the performance of the camera is on average, images are a little bit noisy. Infocus Turbo 5 Review In addition, the camera offers interesting features like Panorama mode, Face beauty mode, Scene mode which can be used to create good clicks. Infocus Turbo 5 Review

All About The Woman Final Verdict

After our work time with the device, we found a number of things that are very impressive. The performance of the device is simply excellent. My experience with the Infocus Turbo5 is amazing and yes I’ll definitely recommend it to my readers.

The top features of the device include     Powerful 5,000mAh battery,     2.5D Curved Glass,     5.2 HD display, and     A beautiful design,     all of which come at a decent price.

If these are the features that you are looking for in a device, then you should go for it.

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InFocus Turbo 5: Design and Accessories


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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Infocus Co. However, the views shared in this article are my own.

Disclaimer:   This Review is with my experience after using the product!! Any facts used in this post are purely meant for education purpose only and not to be substituted for professional advice.  There is no commercial use of the above content.

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