3 Easy Tips to Record Videos That Look Professional

3 Easy Tips to Record Videos That Look Professional

Many beginners who are disappointed that their videos don’t look that professional often assume the camera is to blame. However while it is true that professionals often use good cameras, the fact of the matter is that more often than not videos don’t look professional because of technique – rather than the camera itself.

3 Easy Tips to Record Videos That Look Professional

The good news is that there is something that you can do about that – and with these easy tips you could start to record videos that look much more professional:

Keep the camera steady throughout the recording

One of the main culprits that make videos look amateurish is when the camera isn’t kept steady while recording. Not only will this make the video look shaky, but your camera focus may be affected which will cause it to blur and lose definition.

The solution to that is simple: Keep the camera steady. If you have trouble holding the camera steady in your hands, find someplace that you can rest it or use a stand instead.

Make sure the light is good

Professional-looking videos are always shot in good lighting – which generally means that the scene itself should be brightly lit by constant, soft light. To avoid unwanted issues with the contrast you should make sure the light source itself isn’t in the frame or the foreground will appear shadowy and washed out.

Contrary to popular belief it isn’t necessary to invest in professional-quality lighting, and recording outdoors when the sun is out is a good start, or you could find cheap lighting options that would do the job.

Turn on the grid to help frame the video

On most video cameras you should be able to turn on the grid and overlay a 3 by 3 grid on your display. That will help you to frame the scene better using the rule of thirds to align important elements with the gridlines and intersection points.

Even if you don’t want to use the rule of thirds, turning on the grid can be helpful as it will make it easier to ensure that your recording is level and straight. That alone should help your video to look much more professional.

Another factor to keep in mind is that no matter how careful you are when you record your video – it is rarely going to be ‘perfect’. Because of that aside from the tips listed above, it would also help if you were able to edit your videos. While that may not sound easy, you could try using Movavi Video Editor and take advantage of its intuitive and user-friendly approach that will make it much easier than you think.

Armed with the features in Movavi Video Editor you can cut and join video segments, enhance their quality, fix any issues, apply effects and filters, add captions, include audio, and more. All in all by the time you’re done you should end up with a really professional-looking video by using its features alongside the tips listed above.

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