4 Accessories that will Add Appeal to Your Garden

You can add more to your garden other than lush vegetation and colorful flowers. In order to entice more furred, feathered, and human guests to your garden, you can add elements that will make it stand out from the rest. Here are some great ideas for accessories that will add that necessary bit of ‘oomph’ to your green space:

4 Accessories that will Add Appeal to Your Garden

1) A water fountain.

If you want your garden to make a statement, then installing an ornate water feature at its very center is something you should look into. The sight of a water fountain never fails to impress, more so if it’s framed by colorful flowers and vibrant plants. In addition, a water fountain can also attract birds and furred animals to your property.

However, you can’t just place a water fountain anywhere you want; it has to be installed in the perfect spot, otherwise, its visual appeal will diminish. For the best results, consult professionals such as landscapers or fountain distributors. Not only will they be able to help you pick out the best fountain for your garden, but they can also give you pointers on where it should be placed to maximize its appeal. This is one my favorite out of 4 Accessories that will Add Appeal to Your Garden.

2) Tall plants:

Not everyone has a big garden where plenty of flowers and shrubs can fit in. Maybe you live in a particular suburb where space is at a premium, or there’s just too much in the way for any horizontal growth. If this is the case, then see if you can expand your garden upwards instead.

Get seedlings of plants that creep or grow very tall, and then plant them either at the perimeter of your garden or somewhere at the back. This not only creates the illusion of a bigger and fuller garden, but it also makes the area a bit more intimate and cozy.4 Accessories that will Add Appeal to Your Garden

3) Garden furniture:

The lack of proper furniture can really bring down the look and feel of a garden. Installing a sitting area makes your garden more inviting and accommodating to guests and residents alike. It’s really easy to find a set that will fit well in your garden. Of course, you have to consider the material the seats and tables are made of, as they are exposed to the elements.

Additionally, you have to pick a set that goes well with the theme of your garden. If you already have outdoor furniture, be sure to maintain them properly. Check metal items for rust, while wooden items should be sanded and varnished to protect them against the sun and rain. Plastic seats and tables, on the other hand, may need painting from time to time as their top layer can chip off due to exposure.

4) Your garden may look absolutely beautiful in the morning, but what about at night when the lights are off? This is where artificial lighting comes in. By putting lights in key areas around your garden, you not only bring its best aspects in focus, but you also give it a wonderfully intimate and almost fantasy-like mood.

Aside from their aesthetic value, garden lights can also help prevent slips and accidents that can be caused by the lack of illumination. You have a lot of options for outdoor lights: mini-spotlights, string lights, lanterns, and even torches. Your choice entirely depends on your personal taste and the part of your garden you want to highlight.

Aside from making your garden more appealing and inviting, these additions can help improve the mood of your property and increase its value. How do you find our 4 Accessories that will Add Appeal to Your Garden? Which of these 4 choices best fits your garden design?

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