5 Tips For Customizing Your Own City Bike

5 Tips For Customizing Your Own City Bike

City bicycles are everyday rides designed for frequent averagely paced short rides through the busy urban areas. They have very little going for them in terms of design as they are utility bicycles that focus more on comfort and practicality rather than speed or efficiency. However, customizing your city bike can spark new things in your cycling experience. It makes the everyday ride far more than just an everyday ride. In fact, the best way to reflect your personality and style while on the road is to avoid the cliche of urban bikes.

Customizing City Bike

Instead, make a fashion statement with your customized ride. Here are a few tips for customizing city bike.

Spray it

The obvious way to give your city bike a new look is to change the color.

Simply add some paint to a few parts here and there and your ride would assume a new form. Get creative by making a pattern with a masking tape and then apply a different mix of colours to make it even more unique. Don’t be hesitant to experiment and ensure that you apply a high-quality tape.

5 Tips For Customizing Your Own City Bike

Use Diverse Colored Spokes

It’s almost certain that your city bike will come with black or silver spokes as seen in mountain and hybrid bikes. Thank goodness for customization because it doesn’t have to remain that way. You can simply place an order for multi-colored spokes. They are available in various shades and look really amazing. Multi-color spokes add a brilliant flash of light when implemented on black bikes.

Customize The Handlebars

Commonly, the European city bike has angled-back handlebars that help to maintain an upright riding position. They help to simulate a fully upright posture similar to a person hiking. You can choose to change the shape of the handlebar or apply colored tapes to give it a new look. In changing the handlebar, purchase new ones that won’t negatively affect your comfort and the performance of the bike too much. The colored tapes should also cover the entire length of the handlebars so as to provide a good grip while cycling.

Add Some Accessories

A whole lot of bike accessories are available to add beauty and more functionality to your city bike. Most of them are detachable and can be removed as soon as they have outlived your love for them. If you do a lot of night biking, a solar or battery powered front and rear light can keep you out of danger. Don’t opt for the boring ones. Other useful accessories like water bottles and holders as well as a bike bell can transform the look and feel of your city bike overnight.

Change The Saddle

Saddles provide a cushion while riding and like seats in a car, they are objects of elegance and class. These days, most city bike manufactures pay more attention to making the saddle comfortable and care less about beauty. Yet, you can have the best of both worlds. Well-made saddles that can make your bicycle look great and improve the comfort factor are on sale everywhere. You can even get a customized design for your city bike and have it shipped just the way you want it.


These are some very common customize options for bikers with old bike. But you can also buy new customize city bikes online. If biking on a big and busy city is your main purpose of use, you should consider having the best city bikes available out there. In most cities, biking is the new trend of commuting to work.

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