You always write a blog post, shared it with social media and you are done. But what’s about those post that you wrote a year ago?

Tips to Share Blog Posts on Social Media

When I started blogging, Everything is quite easy. But as my blog post increases to 100+, find it quite difficult to share all those posts individually as it takes a lot of time.

Why share a blog post on social media?

You must know that Blog posts are useless unless you promote them regularly. I want to promote my post for exposure to my old post, sharing the post with other relevant people, who would find it useful. wants to drive traffic to blog, More engagement with new people and find the right person to work.

I also want to save my time. I want a platform where I could schedule my 100+ post at a time and then forget about it for a month or two. I want a platform where I can schedule up my post for all social channels (Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, Instagram, Pinterest) at a time.

how to share blog posts on social media?

In this post, I tell you how to manage social media promotions in the smartest way. I have tried many channels to promote and scheduled up my post. Here I’m keeping it short and describes the method what I practically find the best.

So don’t waste time on a thing that can be automated. Here are some kickass tips for social sharing of your blog post automatically at a time and you will save hours in promoting your blog post on social media.


The buffer is a scheduling and bulk social posting tool that has both free and paid plans. You can add links manually and posts with text or pictures on it. Its browser extension allows sharing a web page directly on the social profile.

It takes less than 6oseconds to schedule a post and that too at different times for the week.

I started with a buffer free account. In starting for 20 days you will enjoy all its benefit. But after that, it’s limiting. Its free account is limiting and you can’t schedule more than 12 posts at a time.

My verdict will be its very smooth platform to use, but you have to switch to a paid account to enjoy it.


After the buffer, I tried Hootsuite. It comes with plus points. You can share and schedule your post at different social channels, check on social analytics, etc.

Its free account allows you to connect three social channels at a time. I have connected Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. You can schedule up to the unlimited post at a time. You can schedule up a post for different social media together- like Scheduled for Twitter, Google plus, Facebook together.

How to share blog posts on social media

So, right now after using the buffer, I’m happy to use HootSuite. As my blog is just startup and not so much budget to spend on. I like Hootsuite free account as it gives me what I’m looking for.

There is no point in wasting time in doing manual work when you can get the task done automatically and in a very efficient way.

I suggest you try Hootsuite and that too for free to share blog posts on social media. Hope this post helps you a lot. Do try this and let me know about any queries and experience.