5 Tips for blog beginners

Blogging Tutorials SEO Google Analytics Guide -Part 1

5 Tips for blog beginners

1) Moving to self-hosting website

If you are serious about Blogging than you should have self-hosting blog. And before moving to self-hosting research for a good hosting provider that is capable enough to take the load of your blog memory and traffic.

2) Developing a Reader-friendly Blog

It’s very important that your blog should be reader-friendly. This includes a user friendly theme. Well organized blog menu as per your blog niche like categories and pages. An about page and author page that will reflect your blog identity.

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3) Content is the king

Always remember content is the ultimate kind. The article on your blog should be unique, and we’ll researched and language should be user friendly.

Blogging Tutorials SEO Google Analytics Guide -Part 1

4) Creative Content for blog

Your blog should be filled with Beautiful and eye-catching images to attract user’s and Offcourse to make them rank on Google. You can use various tools like Canva, picmonkey and Adobe etc to design your blog and social media creative.

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5) Social media

Every Blogger should have at least one strong social media platforms to generate reader for the blog. You can work on platform like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. From my experience these all platforms are workable to generate good readers. The things that matters is good social media strategy.

These are some tips for blog beginners. If you have any blog related queries ping me at [email protected] with subject line blog queries.


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