The Digital Marketing Course that Transformed My Blog

I actively started blogging 2.5 years back post taking #MyfriendAlexa and #Ultimateblogchallenge. Earlier I used to write food blogs at the blog as I loved cooking at that time. But these challenges evolved me as a blogger and broaden my vision.

By this time, I realized that my thoughts are constricted, and it pushed me to expand my horizon and think beyond. I decided to move to a self-hosted blog and started researching for my blog name and niche.

I wanted a platform through which I can express myself as well as something that will be helpful to my readers. On this note, I started Allaboutthewoman blog – Health and lifestyle blog. Till now I’ve learned and gained a lot in my short span of blogging journey.

I’ve seen lots of ups and downs, written 2 E-book A TO Z OF Pregnancy and Basics Blogging 2.0, covered 300+ brands; successfully hosted 2 seasons of Super Blogger Challenge and expanded my social media to 10k+ followers. At the end of the day, there’s no shortcut to success and hard work paid off.

Throughout this period, I always wished to learn the technicalities of blogging via experts. If you want to Ace in Blogging and be consistent in the neck to neck competition, expert skills help in the overall development of a blog. A lot of digital marketing tutorials and classes are available online, and it is not easy to choose the best digital marketing course for yourself.

Why a blogger needs a digital marketing course?

The knowledge available online has many drawbacks:

  1. There is no authenticity and gives you incomplete information which is not useful.
  2. No direct contact or communication to let you know that you are heading right.
  3. No mentors to solve your queries.
  4. There’s no accuracy that information is as per latest Digital Knowledge
  5. No projects, real practice or test to check your ability.

At the end of the day, I got stuck. This is where Simplilearn digital marketing course scores.

I’ve attended this 3month long course. This course opened to me a new world of learning. Though I already have some knowledge about writing and organizing a blog via reading experts like Neil Patel and This goal aligns all my knowledge so far and completes my painting of Digital Knowledge.

What I gained from Simplilearn digital marketing course?

I got access to top-notch content during this period. Earlier I got struck with Email marketing, Google Analytics, SEO and Social Media Optimization. As a blogger, these are a very important aspect to the champ in a highly competitive environment.

This course has solved all my queries with live training sessions via experts. Every chapter is well planned via video, live classes, and a quiz to check your ability. And the good thing is that I can download these videos for future reference. The thing I liked the most is the digital marketing course get updated as per the latest trend, so there’s assurance that you are studying as per the latest trend.

Every topic is backed with real statistics and cases which helps to understand better and quickly. It gives you artful knowledge about Content, Mobile and Email marketing, Google Analytics and Google Adwords, Blog SEO and Social Media Optimization. Social media and Video marketing and a lot more.

This course covers “Mimic Pro simulation” that is digital marketing simulator and transform you into a digital marketing manager for an e-commerce company. These simulations, make you self sufficient to run digital marketing experiments, create virtual SEM campaigns, conceptualize landing pages, initiate email campaigns, and perform a variety of other marketing tasks using virtual money.

This course also covers various projects to test your knowledge at the end of course. I’ve taken Getting ready to market Project. In this, I’ve to set up the website and populating the content. Followed by proper SEO and enabling analytics on the website. Further, I’ve to track, monitor and analyze my website using the Analytical tool. This project helps me to learn to track website performance using google analytics.

No doubt, there is a lot of difference between self-learning and learning from an expert. This course adds to the valuable experience.

The Key highlights and advantages of theSimplilearndigital marketing course are:

  1. Course content is available via self-study course and live classes.
  2. The Course is curated by best-certified working professionals which make it authentic and accurate.
  3. The projects give you the platform to implement theoretical knowledge and do practical work.
  4. Simulation test and Quizzes at the end of each chapter to test your ability.
  5. Complete guidance via practical demo in live classess.
  6. You can download the self-learning videos, record Live class recording, content slides, Projects, LMS access.
  7. Up-to-date content as per the latest market trend.
  8. 24/7 help support for your queries.
  9. It keeps you ahead in competition with completion certificates.
  10. The portal is laptop and mobile access and runs smoothly via an internet connection.

Last but not the least this course is aligned with globally renowned certifications such as Google Ads Certification, Microsoft Bing Ads Certification, Hootsuite Certification, etc. This increase the authority of your profile after completing the course. Indeed, Simplilearn digital marketing course is value for money and it makes you self sufficient, confident, an expert in your field.

Dr Bushra

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