Pregnancy Digest – Part 2

Hope you have fun reading my Pregnancy DigestHere presenting the Pregnancy Digest to solve all your queries about Pregnancy. In this part of  Pregnancy Digest you will read about normal changes that takes place in woman’s body over the course of nine months of pregnancy.

Every pregnant women curious to know about the subjective body changes that occurs during pregnancy . This may vary from patient to patient. I am just summing up here an average changes that occur to normal pregnant women ( excluding any special cases )

The Subjective symptoms during First trimester ( first 12 weeks or 3 months ) of pregnancy :
  • Amenorrhea- That is cyclic bleeding or menstrual bleeding doesn’t occur during this period normally. It may vary over cases depending upon patients conditions.
  • Morning sickness- this is inconsistently present in about 50% cases . Its intensity varies from from nausea on rising from bed to loss of appetite or even vomiting. But it usually doesn’t effect the health of the mother
  • Frequency of micturition That is increase in urine urgency . Patient complaints about going for emptying bladder or urination frequently . This symptoms subsidies or disappears after 12 th week of pregnancy
  • Breast discomfort – Women’s especially those who are going to become mother for the very first time feels the breast discomfort. This may be in the form of feeling of fullness and pricking sensation especially in between 6-8 week .
  • Fatigue is a frequent symptoms which may occur early in pregnancy.

Disclaimer : this post is based on average research and indication purpose only . It’s highly recommend to concern your doctor before proceeding further .

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