Every girl has to be a mother one day . This is the honour given by God to woman . The period of pregnancy comes with lots of fears especially to those who are going to be mother for the first time . A lot of questions comes in mind how to accomplish this phase in most successful, healthiest and happy way .Here presenting the Pregnancy Digest to solve all your queries about pregnancy.
Being a gynaecologist and a blogger it comes to my mind to give glimpse about pregnancy phases and sort and solve many confusions / queries , to talk about your fears that every mother comes across. Here I will talk about pregnancy phases , body changes that you may come across , routine checkup and nutrition requirement during pregnancy . I have divided this topic in 4 different portions . Hope to fulfil all your expectations.
The reproductive period of woman begins at menarche and ends in menopause. It usually extend between 13-45 years.pregnancy-digest-allaboutthewoman
How to calculate your Pregnancy Duration ?
The duration of pregnancy has traditionally been calculated by clinicians in terms of 9 calendar month and 7 days or 280 days or 40 weeks. This is calculated from first day of the last menstrual period known as gestational age . But the fertilization usually occurs 14 days after the first day of period. Thus , the true gestational age is calculated by subtracting 14 days from 280 days i.e. 266 days.

How to check whether you are pregnant or not at home (Pregnancy tests) ?

Don’t panic if you missed your period. By performing simple test you can easily check your pregnancy at home . Pregnancy test depend on the detection of the antigen ( hCG ) present in maternal urine . There are lot of laboratory test to check for pregnancy , but most common that a patient can perform by herself are Various kit test in card forms available at any medical shop. it is urine-based pregnancy test meant to accurately tell you whether a baby is being formed inside of you.It can be best performed by 8-15 days after conception should be good.
Collection of urine : the patient is advised to collect the first voided urine in the morning in a clean container ( not to wash with soap)
  • Follow the instructions below carefully with no skipping :
  1. Urinate (a few drops suffice) into the circular area of the device.
  2. Hang in there for a few minutes and results will only take a short while.
  3. The result is positive if two pink lines appear on the device.
  4. The result is negative if only one pink line appears on the device.
  5. It might be the case that you will see two lines appear with different colors, possibly one dark pink and one light pink. This generally means the test needs to be retaken. Make sure you wait 2 or 3 days before taking it again, preferably right after you wake up.

Disclaimer : this post is based on average research and indication purpose only . It’s highly recommended to concern your doctor before proceeding further .

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