Jiva Ayurveda – A Natural Way to Live a Healthy Life

Jiva Ayurveda – A Natural Way to Live a Healthy Life

Ayurveda is a system of medicine which is originated in India. With it’s objective to cure disease with Ayurveda therapies and practices and many more. We have been invited to experience Ayurveda Practices on an Influencer meet at Jiva Ayurveda event this week. it’s been our honor to know more about Jiva Ayurveda.

What should you know about Jiva Ayurveda?

Jiva Ayurveda was founded with the objective of ‘taking Ayurveda to every home’. To provide healthy alternatives for chronic diseases by authentic Ayurvedic treatment in every corner of India. They treat major ailments like diabetes, arthritis, asthma, obesity, piles, skin problems, sexual disorders, etc. These diseases affect vast global population whose treatment is responsive to the Ayurvedic system of medicine.

Interactive session with Dr. Partap Chauhan

And the tour starts for the influencers at Jiva Ayurveda with the interactive session with Dr. Partap Chauhan. He’s the Director at Jiva, an award-winning Ayurveda doctor, Author, Speaker, and Television personality. With immense knowledge and experience as an Ayurveda practitioner, he customized an Ayurveda course.

On conversation at the event, Dr. Partap Chauhan shares the concept of SWASTHA, wherein ‘SWA’ means Self and ‘STHA’ means to be situated. He believes that Ayurveda is SIMPLE and anyone can follow it but the thing is to collect true Energy. He has a firm believes that sharing the Knowledge of Ayurveda will help the people around the globe. He believes that proper treatment can be suggested after ruling out the cause of the health problems

Tour to Jiva Gram Tour

It’s been an amazing experience at Jiva Gram Tour. Jivagram is a dream project with an environmentally-responsible architecture. The ceiling at JivaGram Yoga room is made of bent bamboo.

Dr. Partap Chauhan and his team aim to share the best of Ayurveda knowledge with everyone at the event. Rishi Pal Chauhan shows the plan to create the futuristic village which will include a wellness center and a cultural hub-all under one roof.

Tour to Jiva Public School

Jiva Public School is established with a vision to bring positive changes in the society, It is a genuine community of learning.

We all have received the beautiful Jiva gift hamper at departure.

What makes Jiva Ayurveda different from others?

Jiva Ayurveda Research center is founded in 1998, as an integrated online Healthcare portal. Today, Jiva has become a big family with over 400 Ayurvedic doctors and more than 1 million patients get treated across 65+ Jiva centers and their Medical and Research Centre. Mr. Madhusudan Chauhan and Neerja Chauhan show Jiva’s Medical & Research center to the influencers at the Jiva Ayurveda event. Mr. Madhusudan Chauhan discusses the Global Ayurveda Yatra of Jiva, Teledoc (Making Ayurveda accessible to rural areas of India) & a lot more about Ayurveda.

Jiva Ayurveda manufactures its own medicines and Ayurvedic Products to ensure quality, efficacy, and purity. They have certified manufacturing unit and pharmacy in Faridabad, India. Jiva Ayurveda also organizes educational and training programs.

Jiva’s Ayurvedic Clinics and Panchakarma Centers offer a range of Ayurvedic treatments for the cure of chronic ailments. They also provide outpatients services through their clinics established across Northern India. Phone consultations at Jiva Medical and Research Centre (MRC). Even from the remote areas of India easily approachable by patients.

JivaAyurveda brings revolution in the healthcare sector with a mission to taking Ayurveda to every home. They emerged as a brand which aims to help people live an Ayurvedically healthier life. You can avail free health consultation at their website.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. However, the views shared are solely Author personal experience.

DISCLAIMER: The content in this post is purely meant for educational purpose only and not to be substituted for professional advice.

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  2. Wow… this is a big success. Ayurveda needs more such awareness. It is a proven science with no side effects.

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    Such a noBle cause this is. Jiva have organised a good event to explain everything in detail. Ayurveda leads to a healthy life style. Thank you for sharing

  5. Runawaysparkler says: Reply

    This sounds as a great initiative to brong Ayurveda to every house. Its so important in today’s life. Would wanna try them soon.

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    Great work done really .

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    Hmmm, Good Work as you said in your post. as in Title.
    “natural way to live a healthy life” you talk about health so I like it. Your work is too fab. That’s a great info for us. I’m also working on health problems. you can see it otherwise your post is too good. Keep it up…

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