VLCC Pain Relief Program

VLCC Pain Relief Program

Pain exists more or less in our day to day life. It presents in many forms like joint pain, arthritis, spine, posture related pain, etc irrespective of age. If not treated on time it becomes chronic interfere with your day to day activities. You need to find the better way for Pain management. Apart from medication therapy, there are many ways out to deal with Pain. Now you can Live life Pain-free with VLCC Pain Relief Program.

Most common centers for pain

1. Spine – Our body structure stands on spine. We move, sit, stand, lie with the help of spine only.  Due to nerves pressure on nerves, obesity, an injury like falling down etc can cause Pain in spine or back.

2. Knee- Our most used joint is knee joint. Hence more prone to the damage or injury due to walking, running, climbing etc. Also due to some disease like Gout or arthritis.

3. Shoulder- The shoulder joint is most complex joint. Though people suffer from problem of frozen shoulder during winter 

4. Posture – Due to improper posture for sitting, sleeping walking many problems related to pain occurs.

What are the common types of pain in relation to joints etc?

  1. Osteoarthritis 
  2. Knee pain 
  3. Shoulder pain 
  4. Back pain 
  5. Posture-related pain 
  6. Cervical pain 
  7. Ankle pain 
  8. Muscular pain and stiffness 
  9. Neurological pain
  10. Sports injury 

What is VLCC Pain Relief Program?

Pain that disappears quickly is known as acute pain. And the pain that persists for years known as chronic pain. Acute pain can be easily managed by medical therapy. But chronic like arthritis, joint pain, spine pain, subsides by medical therapy and bounce back the moment you drop it. Also, most of you don’t like to continue medical therapy for a longer duration, and yes it has side effects also. Chronic pain remains for longer duration and resistant to most medical treatment and cause several problems.

A popular alternative method for pain management can be through physiotherapy. VLCC Pain Relief Program works on the Physiotherapy methods towards pain management. Along with this, they evaluate others factors like lifestyle, dietary habits etc to relieve the effects of pain.

How VLCC Pain Relief Program works on Pain Management 

VLCC Pain Relief Program is very specialized programs that help to relieve the pain and its complication that happens due to various reasons for obesity, lifestyle etc.

The program has a multidirectional approach towards the Pain Management. It compiles Physiotherapy treatment including lifestyle modifications, specific diet plans and specialized therapeutic massage that helps in improving the pain and its complications.

They follow the complete assessment based on present and past medical history, investigators and report, motor and sensory examination. This will help to determine the accurate diagnosis which leads to absolute treatment and its management.

This Programme is effective in Pain management for Joint Pain, Arthritis, Frozen shoulder, Spine, Muscular pain and stiffness, Nerve-related pain, Sports injury, Posture related pain.

Chronic pain subsides with medical therapy but has long-term side effects. The Physiotherapy treatment will help you with chronic pain management by Strengthening the muscles, increase flexibility in the muscles and joints etc. Regular treatment will help control pain, makes you motile. It will reduce inflammation, stiffness in your joints through massage and improve lifestyles. Hence, VLCC Pain Relief Program will play a vital role in chronic pain management.

Choose the right way to fight back your pain! #StayUnbreakable with VLCC Physiotherapy services.

Which method do you take towards the treatment of Pain management? Anyone in your family suffers from chronic pain, how did you manage? How effective you find VLCC Pain Relief Program? Do tell 

Stay Healthy Stay Blessed.

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