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Diabetes is in itself a complicated disease, but there’s diabetes that develops only during pregnancy known as Gestational diabetes. This diabetes leads to increase in blood sugar level that is harmful to your pregnancy and your baby growth and development.

Gestational Diabetes During Pregnancy

This diabetes leads to increase in blood sugar level that is harmful to your pregnancy and your baby growth and development.

What causes gestational diabetes?

When your body is undergoing changes hormonal or otherwise, women become resistant to insulin. It’s a hormone that helps in the metabolism of glucose for later use.

Who’s at risk for gestational diabetes?

Anyone can have gestational diabetes but some women are at greater risk. Some of the risk factors for gestational diabetes are:

  • If you are overweight or obese
  • Pregnancy in late years
  • The family history of diabetes
  • Pre-diabetes
  • The previous history of Gestational Diabetes 

Complications that may affect your baby

If you have gestational diabetes, your baby may be at increased risk of:

  • Excessive birth weight
  • Preterm Baby or Early childbirth
  • Low blood sugar in baby post delivery
  • Develop Type 2 diabetes later

Complications that may affect the mother

Gestational diabetes may also increase the mother’s risk of:

  • High blood pressure and preeclampsia.
  • Chances to develop diabetes later in life.

What you can do to prevent gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes treatment on time can help both you and your baby stay healthy. It’s easy to manage and a few steps would control your blood glucose levels.

A healthy lifestyle helps to prevent and/or control gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

  • Healthy Diet. Plan a diet low in fat and calories, high in fiber content. Choose fruits and vegetables.
  • Be Active. Exercise maintain the body during pregnancy and decrease the chances of developing gestational diabetes.
  • Maintain Pre Pregnancy Weight. Try to maintain weight before pregnancy. Healthy weight before pregnancy may help you have a healthier pregnancy.



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