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A to Z challenge is special for me because it’s one of platform that inspires me to generate good quality content and publish my books.

I’ve participated in this Challenge in 2year back. Though I’ve published my ebook last year also.

My first theme on A to Z challenge is health, that Ultimately transform to my first book A to Z of Pregnancy.

This year I’ve planned to continue the same theme and cover more topic related to woman health.

Though I’m not sure that will I’m able to write 26 post because of my health, but I’ll try to give my best.

I’ve decided 4 major topics for this theme – PCOS, Weightloss, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding.

I wish this theme will be helpful to my readers. Fingers crossed.

Get Answers your Queries related to PCOS, Weightloss, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding and featured at Dr Bushra upcoming Books.

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