BreastFeeding Series – Part 3

How to prepare yourself about Breastfeeding?


This question always arise in women’s mind especially in the mind who are going to be mother for the very first time . In this series of  Breastfeeding we will learn Step by step description about Preparation , Management , Technique of Breastfeeding that is this breastfeeding series is on Counselling on Breastfeeding .


Disclaimer : It is highly recommended to concern your Doctor before implementing this Counselling series .

We get to learn a lot about How to do Breastfeeding from out mother to relatives to friends to doctors. Given below are average researched methods on Breastfeeding counselling . So what are you waiting for Go through the Counselling series and clear all your doubts about Breastfeeding.

Prepare yourself for Breastfeeding 

The preparations for breastfeeding should actually be started from the Middle of pregnancy. Any abnormality in the nipple should be adequately get treated by the doctors concern . Massaging the breasts , maintenance of cleanliness should be carried out during the last four weeks of pregnancy.

How to manage Breastfeeding 


  • The breast should be washed daily .
  • Clean , soft supporting brassiere should be worn .
  • The mother should wash her hands prior to feeding .
  • Mother and the baby should be in comfortable position during feeding .
  • Frequent feedings , 8-12 feeds / 24 hours are encouraged .

When the First Feed should be given ?

In the absence of anatomical or medical complications, a healthy baby is put to the breast
Immediately or at most 1/2 – 1 hr following Normal Delivery , 4-6 hours following caesarean delivery or as advised by the Doctor .

Frequency of feeding:

  • Time schedule :  At starting feeding should be done at an interval of 2-3 hours and gradually it can be done at an interval of 3-4 hour .
  • Demand feeding : the baby is put to breast as soon as the baby becomes hungry. There is no restriction of the number of feeds and duration of suckling time .
  • Duration of feed :  The initial feeding should last for 5-10 minutes at each breast . Thereafter the time spent is gradually increase .

Amount of food :  The average requirement of milk on:

  • First day – 60 ml/kg/24 hours
  • Third day – 100 ml/kg/24 hours
  • Tenth day – 150 ml/kg/24 hours

However, the  baby can take as much as he wants

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Refrence : DC Dutta’s Textbook of Obstetrics

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