BreastFeeding Series – Part 2

What is Breastfeeding ? 

The two vital considerations for the the infants are Breastfeeding and avoidance of infection. All the babies, regardless of the type of delivery , should be given early and exclusive Breastfeeding upto 6 months of age . Exclusive Breastfeeding means giving nothing orally other than colostrum and breast milk . Each 30 ml of breast milk gives 20 calories

Advantages of Breastfeeding 

Composition of Breast Milk :

  • Breast milk is an ideal food with easy digestion and low osmotic load .
  • Carbohydrates : Mainly lactose , stimulates growth of intestinal flora , produces organic acids needed for synthesis of vitamin B .
  • Fat : Smaller fat globules , better emulsified and digested .
  • Proteins : Rich in lactalbumin and lactoglobulin , less in casein .
  • Minerals : low osmotic load , less burden on the kidney .
  • Protection against infection and deficiency States
  • Vitamin D promotes bone growth , protects the baby against rickets .
  • Leukocytes prevents growth of infective agents .
  • Lysozyme,lactoferrin , interferon – protect against infection.
  • Long chain omega -3 fatty acids – essential for neurological development .
  • Immunoglobulins IgA , IgM , IgG protect against infection .
  • Supply of nutrients and vitamins

Breast milk is a readily available food to the newborn at body temperature and without any cost.
Breastfeeding acts as a natural contraception to the mother .

Additional advantages are :

  1. It has laxative action .
  2. No risk of allergy .
  3. Psychological benefit of mother – child bonding .
  4. Helps involution of the uterus .
  5. Lessens the incidence of sore buttocks , gastrointestinal infection and atopic eczema.
  6. The incidence of scurvy and rickets is significantly reduced .


Breastfeeding is very important because it’s the best start for your baby. So follow your maternal instincts and your baby’s demands to make your breastfeeding experience a successful and enjoyable one!

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Refrence : DC Dutta’s Textbook of Obstetrics

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