Why are we running after Perfectness

We all live in the rush hour zone, a zone where we become Robot & perform our life task either by our wish or the ill dogma set up the society.Do you ever wonder Why are we running after Perfectness?

Everyone is Working hard to achieve success, fame, comfort, popularity. Be it a student of class first who wants to come first. An employee in an office who do overtime to get a promotion. Or a housewife to be updated in terms of fashion & technology among her group.

Every little drop is struggling and fighting all ills in order to come in limelight.But do we ever wonder why we all are doing so? Why are we living life up to the standards set up by the society?

Bollywood movie 3 idiots raised our eyebrows in a true sense. It depicts the true portrait of Indian society.

When the principal virus said in a speech “Life is a race … if you don’t run fast … you will be like a broken unda”

Do you ever wonder why our life is charged with horsepower to run in race & defeat all our fellows? Moreover, if we failed at this, the world we walked totally smashing us.

In a scene when Raju tries to commit suicide just because he couldn’t clear the exam or he was punished for choosing the right path.

I always wonder why all are living the life like our forefathers lived. Can’t we do different, just what our Heart really want to do?

  • Why a child being pressurized to brings good percentile just because of his neighbors a Topped, despite his interest is in arts.
  • Why an Employee is pressurized indirectly by family to bring the world best comfort to them

Here I’m making it clear that I’m not against the competing Environment , that’s good for everyone health. But I’m not in favor that this competition is forcefully imposed on us.

Like what Aamir Khan says,”Bachchakabilbano, kabil …Kamyabi Jhak Marke Piche aayegi!” (Be capable my son, capable … success will follow you no matter what )

it’s our life & it’s our wish to live up to our will. No matter if our neighbor, relatives, friends is  collector, Scientists, Engineer, Doctor or Lawyer. Comaprison lead us nowhere.

I love the Raju’s Dialogue to the interviewer,” Aap apni Naukri rakh lijiye main apna Attitude rakh leta hu..Dono Tange Tudwa ke pairo pe Khada hona Seekha hai Sir!

Be Brave & Take a stand Before it’s too late and life comes to end with full of regrets, throb your mind & Just take a minute to wonder why you’ve wasted your life living someone others life.

DISCLAIMER: The Movie Dialogues used in this post is purely meant for reference & entertainment purpose only. There is no commercial use of the above content.

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