Breastfeeding Myths – Part 1

What is Breastfeeding Myths ?

The  wrong information that can get passed from one woman to the next about breastfeeding , creating negative perceptions about it is known as Breastfeeding Myths.

Are Breastfeeding Myths True ?

No , Breastfeeding Myths are not true .But as There are so many myths surrounding breastfeeding that it can be hard for women to know what’s true and what’s no.

What do you know about Breast milk ?

is the Gold Standard for infant feeding . A woman who is exclusively breastfeeding , the contraceptive protection is about 98% upto 6 months postpartum . Thus , lactation provides a natural method of contraception .When you hold your baby in the delivery room you can let your newborn latch on to your breast and start breastfeeding. Starting out right makes breastfeeding a pleasant experience to mother and newborn.


It’s recommended that you should ideally start nursing your newborn whenever you notice your baby showing signs of hunger, like being extra alert and active and/or trying to mouth or latch on to your nipple/breast, or else your baby would start crying. Lets have a look about some important factors about breast milk.

Percentage composition of Breast milk :

  • Protein 1.2
  • Fat 3.2
  • Carbohydrate 7.5
  • Water 87

Advantages of Breast Milk :

  1. It provides immunological defence to the new born
  2. It has laxative action on the baby because of large fat globules.

Breastfeeding Myths 2- all about the woman

Beyond these Gold markers about Breast Milk alot Misconceptions and myths over breastfeeding have prevailed for many generations. The moment people around you know that you’ve delivered a baby and plan to breastfeed, will they start giving you their opinions. A few pointers may be worth it, but too often the wrong information is given.

Whether you’ve breastfed your babies before, or you’re getting ready to do so, I am discussing here some Myths and Misconceptions about Breastfeeding that will help you understand the facts about breastfeeding.


Breastfeeding Myths : Stop Breast Feeding after baby turns 1 month of age 

Fact : Many women believe that the quality of breast milk begins to decline after 6 months. But the composition of human breast milk is such that it changes according to the needs of the baby and his/her maturity.

Even when baby starts on solids, breast milk remains the primary source of nutrition during the first year of your baby’s life and would become a supplement to solids during your baby’s 2nd year. So breast milk does continue to complement and boost the immune system for as long as it’s fed to your growing child.


Breastfeeding Myths : Breastfeeding Prevents You From Getting Pregnant

Fact :  We can easily find many families have babies born with just 10-12 months apart. So, breastfeeding is not a definite and guaranteed form of birth control.

A woman who is exclusively breastfeeding , the contraceptive protection is about 98% upto 6 months postpartum .But, again, if your menstrual cycle begins within six months from your delivery, you can get pregnant easily.


Breastfeeding Myths : Discontinue Breastfeeding if Your Baby Has Diarrhea or Vomiting

Fact :  If your baby is on any other form of liquids or solid foods, then stop those for a short period of time, and continue breastfeeding. The best treatment for a baby’s gut infection is breastfeeding. Breast milk is the best fluid your baby can have when s/he has diarrhea and/or vomiting.


Breastfeeding Myths : Sick Moms Shouldn’t Breastfeed

Fact :  Breastfeeding believed to actually protect the baby from catching the exact same strain the mother has.So Mothers can continue to breastfeed. The best protection against the baby catching up on any infection is for you to continue breastfeeding.


Breastfeeding Myths : You Can’t Breastfeed if You’re Under Some Medication

Fact :  Most medications are safe to take while breastfeeding, while other medication may not be safe. Generally a small amount of the medicine you’re taking may appear in your breast milk and may not be bad, but if a medicine is truly of some concern and may affect your baby, then talk to your doctor.


Breastfeeding Myths : Breastfeeding Moms Get Less Sleep

Fact : Research shows that breastfeeding gives a warmth maternal bonding & satisfaction to both mother & child and which allows them to get good sleep at night.


If you can breast feed your baby from day one, you’ll be all set .

Hope to sort out your thinking about breastfeeding myths  , but that’s not all . Do read about more breastfeeding myths in another part here Breastfeeding Myths – Part 2

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