My Best Birthday Ever

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Birthday is the day which makes one feel special. Birthday is the day for which everyone wait eagerly for whole year . All those surprises and happiness that let’s feel heavenly.

If someone ask you a question about your best birthday ever ? I’m dam sure a smile will run through your face & happy eyes that spark you up  🙂 .

From Birthday punch to yummy cakes , or from friends gathering to the very first cellphone you get as birthday gift . Memories that never fades away , memories that brings back livelihood in you . Memories that makes you a child again.


What’s my best birthday ever?

That’s a tough question for me . As I am madly in love with each moment of my life . But if you ask me about my best birthday that I always cherish , it would be the very first birthday that I celebrate at my hostel . Yeah there it is.

The day before my birthday everyone pretends to be normal . I am studying as usual . As soon as the clock strikes 12:00 there comes the clapping sounds with birthday rhyming words. I found that My gang planned a surprise birthday party for me at night .

Yes I’m very happy. So what I’m away from home . My friends never let me realize that . Yes I miss my home but this surprise birthday party blown away all my sadness. They bring cake & snacks . We have lots of fun & party all night .

That’s my best birthday party . What’s your most memorable birthday party ? Do share yours best moments, looking forward to read them 🙂 


6 Replies to “My Best Birthday Ever”

  1. Hostels are fun when you have great friends .The memories you make stay forever.

    1. Thanks for stopping by

  2. The day before my birthday everyone pretends to be normal – thats really cute.
    Especially at times ,we are well aware – something is being planned- but we all pretend as if it is nothing.

    Well written.

    1. Thanks for stopping by

  3. Hostels are the best part of college life.

    1. Glad you like it thanks ?

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