5 Great Reasons To Love Yourself

5 Great Reasons To Love Yourself

Noone is perfect in this world, but everyone is perfect in their imperfect way. Imagine a life where everything is perfect, no sorrows only happiness. Will you consider that life Beautiful? For me, that’s constant phase, and the truth of happiness of living life is going through happiness and sorrow in a balanced way. Hence, trying to perfect and please others is easier said than done. You must learn to love yourself the way you are. Don’t get manipulated by the social status of Your circles or the one you see on TV. The visual you see is shoot to please the audience. It’s the virtual reality. So don’t feel inferior after watching those models and consider yourself as ugly. Remember everyone is beautiful in their own way. And respect and love yourself as God has made you so special.

5 Great Reasons To Love Yourself:

1) Confident: Loving yourself boost up your confidence, and takes away your shyness. Mould you to face the world with confidence.

2) Healthy: Loving yourself makes you healthy. It takes away all the stress and the feeling of inferiority complex. Makes you mentally stronger and the new you.

3)Happier: Loving yourself will not only make you happy but the people around will be happy to be in your company.

4)Optimistic and Stronger: Loving yourself makes you stronger and brings the positive outlook towards life. You will feel more positivity in your work and feel no pressure.

5)Self Improvement: The only solution to lead a successful life is working in self-improvement. Everyone has strong and weak qualities. And loving your strong qualities, working on them, improve your Personality and status both at personal and professional.

During my teenage, I’m very choosy, stubborn girl who doesn’t want to see beyond choices. Working and loving myself has transformed me into a new human being. These are 5 Great Reasons to Love Yourself. What are your five mantras to love yourself?


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  1. Totally agree with all your points! Confindence .. health etc all are a by product of Sef Love!
    Thanks for linking up with #whatilove

  2. We are perfect in our imperfect ways.That my dear is wisdom.Absolutely loved this very real post.

  3. You have listed some important points there! Self love does bring about a positive effect

  4. Ghazala Naseem says: Reply

    Nice post and useful tips ,agree with all , do read mine on my blog 🙂

  5. OMG! I am loving myself without knowing this benefits. well i think. poeple should love him/her self even without reasons.

  6. Love the happy thoughts in this post Bushra – confidence and happiness go a long way in boosting self love

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  8. absolutely agree with your list… 🙂

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