New Year Resolution that never work

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It’s Only few weeks for New Year , hence each one of us is getting ready with our resolution list . The One New Year Resolution that never work , pheww .I always make a long list of New Year Resolution,.

 I accomplished many of them but also failed at many . One of the resolutions that’s on my list & now turn into nightmare is To lose weight. Yes , that’s the One New Year Resolution that never work for me.
It’s not that I’m overweight , but I want to be more fit & healthy . As soon as I put my foot forward on loosing weight , my love for food come in between & I always breakup .
Yes I love to eat food , cook food , can’t leave without chocolates and sweets. Every morning I makeup my mind to start dieting , but my mom cooks so delicious food that I decide to continue my plan after meal .
Each day happen the same . Sometimes dad brings my favourite mangoes loaded with calories. Mangoes are my favourite, crazy about them . How can I say no to them . I meet them after long wait of 8 months for only 3 months.
When ever guests comes to our house , we got to eat rich dishes like Biryani , mutton korma , Sheer korma , only a fool can break heart of these yummy dishes . And I’m not a fool , So how can I ?
We perform 1 month Ramzan fasting ? I’m regular at it , but did you know , what we get at opening our fast loads of calories. Now tell me how can I control myself after long 15 HR fasting & eat only green veggies & tasteless diet food. Sorry I can’t
I make veggies, tasteless, oil free food , but my taste buds completely reject it . I set my time for morning jogging but I’m late riser , so this also not work . No diet plans , no work out can break through my love for food .
Till now you have come to realize that I’m big foodie and I completely failed in completing my resolution to lose weight . My brother always says you have to be Chef at least, your crave for food & our money will be save .
This is my journey for the weight loss ,The One New Year Resolution that never work . Do you have the same resolution failure. If Yes , then do shares your, pen it down & share it with forfoodiefamily  . 
“I am writing for #FlashbackRefreshed activity at forfoodiefamily in association with Sandy’s Bake Studio.

4 Comment

  1. This one is impossible. The menu at your home can break anyone’s resolve.
    It’s one of the most difficult resolution ever.

    1. Dew Cool says: Reply

      yes its very difficult resolution to chase 🙂 thanks for stopping by

  2. Richa says: Reply

    Happenz with me too:) well for me resolutions are to break . So i have literally xstopped making. Last i remember was weight loss which has not yet happenned so i guess its not worthwhile 🙂

    1. Dew Cool says: Reply

      Yes resolutions are meant to break 😛 so that we can make new every year . Thanks for stopping by Richa

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