Best Blogging Tips learned from My Blogging Journey

It’s been a year when I switched to serious Blogging mode. Lot’s of things happened over my one-year long Blogging series. Ups and down, down and Ups, learning new thing, meeting new friends (bloggers) every moment. It’s the end of 2017, I’ve more or less accomplished my Blogging Goals so far. More are yet to achieve. At the end, I’m fully satisfied with my performance. And yes slowly, we are in the making of All About The Woman Personal Brand. Today, I’m talking about my Blogging experience I’ve learned so far, in a clear and easy way. Sharing some Best Blogging Tips learned from My Blogging Journey.

Best Blogging Tips learned from My Blogging Journey

Moving To Self Hosting Website

I’ve started with Food Blog Meal to the Heart 2years back, with zero sense of blogging and out of enthusiasm. That is a WordPress site. I’d have to cook recipes and share on my blog. Things changed when I come across, Blogchatter MyfriendAlexa Campaign, which gives New Horizons to my Blogging. I’m very thankful to them for huge support and love throughout that campaign. I’ve made very supportive and extremely talented Fellow bloggers. And, last but not the least, open me to new roller coaster ride of Blogging.

During MyfriendAlexa series, I realize that I have to do more than food blogging. Trust me switching to self-hosting time is not so easy for me. As I’ll lose all my rankings, traffic, readers, and yes with zero earning from my blog. The thing that kick-off, that when I’ve to do this after 4-5 years why not today. Today I’ve nothing more to lose, but in future, I’ll have more to lose. One of the Best Blogging Tips learned from My Blogging Journey.

Best Blogging Tips learned from My Blogging Journey

Facts about why to move Self Hosting Site:

  1. Analyse your niche, your target audience, and a catchy name before switching to Self Hosting Site. My niche is lifestyle blog which covers health, food, parenting, travel, beauty etc. And my Target audience is WOMAN. So, I go to as my new blog site.
  2. You get the freedom to do whatever you want to do man. Self Hosting is like a new home for me, now I can enjoy new features, plugins, which will help in my Blogging Journey.
  3. Getting more collaboration. I’ve earned a very good amount in my one year of blogging, which is unexpected for me.

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So, if your thinking about Self Hosting, don’t waste a minute go and buy it. (Shhhhh doesn’t tell anyone that I’m giving you Self Hosting at just Rs 999/year *T&C’s apply)

Learning to create a Highly optimised blog content

I’m not an expert, but I’ve definitely learned 100 methods to get breakthrough the typical blogging school. Trust me guys, if you want to earn money from your blog then either learn these or drop your idea of blogging.

  • To write high quality SEO blog post
  • Best use of Social media channels to drive traffic to your blog.
  • Choosing the Trending topics according to your niche.
  • learn to Make best creatives for your blog.
  • Learn the secrets tips to improve Blog DA which attracts BRANDS (Shhhhh doesn’t tell anyone that I’m giving secrets tips to improve Blog DA contact here)

My Blogging Goals for New Year 2018

I’ve many things on my plate right now. It’s not easy to balance my work, home, and blogging. I’ve many commitments everywhere. I’ve many Blogging Goals for New Year 2018. My target to increase views to 10k/month for my blog. To create more engaging content for my readers. To blog at least 10 posts in a month. To write one more book about a health topic. To take part regularly in Blogging challenges. To reach more Bigger Brands, and Yes to earn more money. And to establish a Personal Brand.

This is the chunks of the Best Blogging Tips learned from My Blogging Journey, more to come. Did you have a Blogging Journey story? Whats your Blogging Goals for New Year 2018. Don’t forget to share with me.


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  1. Bahut inspiration milti hai aisi post se 👍👍 good luck dear

    1. Thanks a lot

  2. Nicely written blog and very useful for people to refer ☺️

  3. A very inspiring blogging journey .Excing adventure.Hope to tabulate this too .

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  5. Saving this page. So many good articles linked to it. And yes, I agree. The my friend Alexa blogging challenge did open my eyes to the importance of ‘maintaining a blog’ and not just randomly posting whenever I feel like it. Still struggling honestly at times to maintain it all.

  6. Very inspiring Dr Bushra. Same here i moves to self hosting a year back after 2 years of blogging to get the same benefits. Thank you for sharing your inspiring journey

  7. Loved this post and I can relate all your points to my journey as well. Thanks for encouraging me to come up with my 2018 blogging target.

  8. wow some great tips, please do share your secret to increase DA , please please!!!

  9. Good to know about your blogging journey till now and also your targets for 2018. All the best.

  10. I could relate to each and every sentence as I read it. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!!


  11. momtasticworld says: Reply

    Now, i am off to make a new year task list or what to do list for my blog as well. Posts like these keep us motivated 🙂

  12. Great tips on blogging that everyone can refer to and benefit from. Hoping G to refer it myself

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