• I WISH I WERE a boy


    Follow Us I wish I were a boy Splendid life ,no reasons to cry !!! Boon of lifetime freedom Night outs less boredom Can eat whatever I want Can wear what I wish Unrestricted lifestyle No compromise with a bit. I wish I were a boy Splendid life ,no reasons to cry !!! Can fly […]

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  • Puberty Menorrhagia


    Follow UsPuberty Menorrhagia – Excessive Bleeding during MC Puberty Menorrhagia is defined as excessive bleeding in amount (> 80ml) or in duration (>7 days ) between menarche and 19years of age.The term puberty is generally used I a more comprehensive sense refer to the whole period of time during which secondary sexual characteristics develop, menstruation […]

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  • Say no to Dowry

    Follow Us Dowry is a stain Woman is in pain Long list for grab Parents are in trap Dowry is a Greedy wheel Bargain like business deal Though it is a curse  Don’t make it worse  Many life are at pause  Stand up for this cause  Be the Human Being  Say no to Dowry Thing […]

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  • The Jug of life

    The Jug of life

    Follow UsWho’s Your Jug ? The Jug of life refers to the mutual relationship of affection, trust, cooperation, and support between two or more individuals. We all have The one person in our life who’s presence secure us. Who takes away all your tensions and let us smile in hard times . Who never let […]