Zoctr App – India’s first Home Health App Changing Healthcare

While dusting at home you suddenly get a sprain in your back. You just ignored it assuming that it will subside with time. But it doesn’t, You applied the pain relief ointment, have Haldi wala milk but no relief. Maybe you can’t get out of home due to a family emergency or bad weather. And your baby running high on fever. Or, while traveling you Catch the high-grade fever. What you do then, you always wish for the doorstep services at that time. Times change and with advanced technology Healthcare app to the rescue. With the above scenarios, you can consult a doctor immediately, from your smartphone, no matter where you are. Checkout Zoctr App – India’s first Home Health App Changing Healthcare

In today’s scenarios, the telehealth apps are popular makes healthcare facilities more convenient, less expensive, at your doorstep. They not only saves times and money by eliminating unnecessary trips to the hospital and by increasing preventative care.

Zoctr App – India’s first Home Health App Changing Healthcare

Today we are talking about the healthcare app that is revolutionizing healthcare in India. Zoctr App – India’s first Home Health App Changing Healthcare. You can get access to their services with just a touch from your home. Whether it’s medical emergencies or finding the best available healthcare facilities in your circle, Zoctr App makes it possible with just a click. You can book an online appointment for Doctors or other medical services within seconds. Zoctr App provides services at your doorstep from certified professional only. All the services and Doctors, staff are verified.

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Zoctr App Specializes to connect you with the right certified doctor. An appointment can be done as per your requirement like for Nurse, baby care, doctor, physiotherapist or medical equipment via Thier app. These services are currently available in three cities Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore. Once you book your appointment the services are done as per schedule.

Zoctr App serves following main purposes.

One is to connect you to the right doctor or physiotherapist so you can avail medical consultation at your doorstep.

To provide you the verified nurses for your patient at home.

This app facilitates verified attended for your baby care at just a click.

To get healthcare equipment at best rates at your doorstep.

And you can track the location using GPS so no worries if you’re not at home.

How will Zoctr App make your life easy?

Book Qualified, skilled and verified Doctors, Homecare Nurses etc.

You can avail Physiotherapists and Medical Equipments facilities by following simple steps.

Get connected to hundred of verified medical professionals instantly as per your requirements & location by using inbuilt GPS.

Now you can Get real-time confirmations with detailed staff profiles

It’s easy to Schedule Your Patient’s Assessment and Screening Visits on the go.

The app permits you to manage your Bookings like Renew, Hold and Stop bookings on the go.

You can easily Save and manage multiple patient profiles for your self and your family members.

This app makes it possible to track the staff in real-time using inbuilt GPS tracking when you are not at home.

They Provide daily staff attendance. You can escalate issues immediately using support.

Payments are hassle-free & online using payment gateway and digital wallets.

Zoctr App is much required in present healthcare scenario of India. This is definitely of great help in reaching the best healthcare facilities easily with just a click and at our door step. So, Enjoy the Zoctr App – India’s first Home Health App Changing Healthcare.

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