Why Should Women Join Online Health Communities Like SHEROES?

Why Should Women Join Online Health Communities Like SHEROES?

Online Health Communities act as social support for patients. It’s observed that the number of active users steadily increase in last few years at online community. The patients found it easier to interact with other patients with the same or similar disease, discuss with experts etc. Today we are discussing Why Should Women Join Online Health Communities Like SHEROES?

“Online Health Communities becomes a supportive platform for the exchange of health information through discussions via members and experts.”

Why Should Women Join Online Health Communities Like SHEROES?

Why Should Women Join Online Health Communities Like SHEROES?

Online Health Communities is a good medium for patients empathic support. They act as a platform for health information exchange and social support. Research has shown that people with chronic illness, more turns towards Online Health Communities to seek empathic support. They get to interact people who have either personal experience or indirect experience of the diseases. They share personal experiences with them as well get their health queries solved via Health experts. They get empathy online which is usually missing offline social support from family and friends.

What are the Benefits of Online Health Communities?

Online Health Communities are easily accessible, connects you with people around the globe. They have many health benefits like reduces mental stress and build up confidence etc.

1) Good Medium of Education for Members. It’s a good source for mutual sharing of knowledge and experiences Patients via members interaction, Clears doubts via experts.

2) Provides Empathic support. These health communities are a good medium of social support, that’s missing offline. Members receive good empathic support.

3) Provides Resources like connect with experts, free consultation, get known about more health platforms and interactions with other members.

4) Provide secure and confidential health discussions. The forum Provides option to patients to keep their information confidential. You can take parts in discussion freely without disclosing your identity. This gives members another level of the comfort zone.

What Makes SHEROES Stands out as an Online Health Community?

Why Should Women Join Online Health Communities Like SHEROES?

SHEROES is the largest networking, secure platform support women to evolve personally and professionally. With more than 3 million women as members, and 28 Communities that work on lifestyle aspects such as Health, Beauty, fitness, writing, travel, fashion etc.


Why Should Women Join Online Health Communities Like SHEROES?

These communities can be accessed via SHEROES app & website. Each community will provide empathetic as well education support for women via discussion and interaction with experts. Lets read out Why Should Women Join Online Health Communities Like SHEROES?

Why is SHEROES a one-stop Destination For All Women?

You can get easy access to SHEROES Health Community by Registering at SHEROES App & Website. And avail benefits of Empathic support, reduce stress level, Sharing experiences with similar members, Getting answered to queries via Experts. Confidential interaction as well as get access to various health resources.

1) Peer to Peer Interaction:

You will get a direct interaction with others members. Just post your queries and people with similar experiences comes and share their views. This will give empathic support which is usually missing offline.

2) Doctors in the community to answer all women’s health queries:

It’s difficult to get your health issues directly with Doctors due to short of time. Though Some are answered many are left as it’s. Now you don’t have to search around to discuss any health-related queries or myths. Switch to SHEROES app and get your query answered via Experts in no time.

3) Ask questions related to private or intimate health privately anonymously:  

Now you don’t have to hesitate or feel inferior to discuss any health-related queries or myths. SHEROES provide secure and confidential health discussions without disclosing your identity. This gives you freedom of expression. AskSHEROES is a private helpline on SHEROES website and app. Safe, one one one counselors available from 8 am to 11 pm every day. Free of cost. Women only safe space to discuss anything from career, relationships or abuse.

Disclosure: Sponsored*. The views shared are solely Author personal experience.

DISCLAIMER: The content in this post is purely meant for educational purpose only and not to be substituted for professional advice.

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  12. Amrita Basu (Misra) says: Reply

    This seems to be a great way to share health issues.Sheroes is a trendsetter in many ways.

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  28. Sitharaam Jayakumar says: Reply

    Online health communities bring together people with similar health problems and is a place where one can exchange ideas on treatment and whom to approach for specific health issues and the small things that can do by oneself to handle the problems. Sheroes definitely seems to be a very promising health community that is doing some wonderful work. #Superbloggercommunity2018

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    Strength of women lie in being there for each other. Such community services are true testimony of that.

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  34. Sheroes as a community is not only being a health support for women, but also contributing to uplift the mental wellness quotient for women who seek to share their experiences and agonies on a neutral platform without any fear of being judged.

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    Sheroes is really doing great, it is one of the best communities I have ever come across. I registered myself few years back with them to explore work from home options for myself and referred many friends also to join it. Worth spreading the word and you explained it very well 🙂

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