U for Utility Guide – What to Expect during The Normal Vaginal Delivery – Part 1

What to Expect during The Normal Vaginal Delivery

Bearing a child for nine months in a womb and then bringing into the world is not and Childs play. She molds herself at every physical body changes and survives the labor pain, giving birth to a baby. Every delivery and labor experience is different and unique for every woman. But we all want a positive end for our delivery. So, you must be wondering about labor and delivering a baby. What to Expect during The Normal Vaginal Delivery? We’re discussing some points about Normal vaginal delivery, that’ll give you an idea about it.

What happens in the stages of the labor of Normal vaginal delivery?

Rupture of amniotic membrane

In the Early stages of labor rupture of amniotic sac takes place. The amniotic sac is the bag filled with amniotic fluid carrying your baby for nine months. In some cases, the amniotic sac remains intact, but in most cases, it breaks known as water breaking. This water is clear and odorless. If it’s yellow or green in color, consult your physician.

Beginning of Labor Pain

Uterus begins to contract and release and it marks the beginning of labor pain. These motions help in pushing and delivering your baby. True labor pain occurs when your contractions last for 1 minutes at an interval of 5 minutes for an hour.

Dilation of the cervix

In the early stage of labor thinning of cervix Takes place and eventually dilation of the cervix as the labor progress. The cervix is the lower part of the uterus opens into the vagina. In true labor or end stages of labor, cervix dilated about 10 centimeters facilitating the delivery of the baby.

Delivery of the baby

The contractions increases help in pushing down the baby. The cervical opening dilated facilitating the baby to pass through it.
The first time mothers mostly given episiotomy at the time of delivery helps in the delivering of baby head. And after some push whole baby is delivered.

The last stage of labor completes with the delivery of the placenta.

What is the duration of normal vaginal delivery?

Normal vaginal delivery duration varies with the primigravidae and multiparae.

The first stage of labor: 12 hours in primigravidae, 6 hours in multiparae.

The second stage of labor: 2 hours in primigravidae, 30 minutes in multiparae.

Third stage of labor: 5 to 15 minutes depending on active management

  • DISCLAIMER: The content in this post is purely meant for educational purpose only and not to be substituted for professional medical advice

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