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“You look fatty” these three words spoiled up my mood when someone points it to me. Last few months I’m so busy with my work that I don’t get me time to look about my health.and in the rush of my life I completely forgot to notice that I’m gaining weight. Those three words become a wake-up call for weight loss. Coming back to home got my weight checked that opens up my eyes it’s 67kg. The ideal weight should be around 56-58kg. This means I’ve put up 10kg extra.

“To insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.” –> William Londen

Since I’m not a strict diet follower and not get time for exercise. I don’t want to sacrifice my early morning sleep. As my whole day is spent at the hospital and then back to home I’ve got patients waiting for me. So the question is to discover a healthy solution that can be followed as per my convenient.  I’m in search of My ways of staying fit and heart healthy.

Starting with I’ve switched my diet to completely. vegetarian and say bye to non-veg. I’ve opted for green veggies less oily and banded rice and potato from my diet completely.

Drinking lots of water and liquid diet like fresh juices etc to detoxify my body. As I want to both lose my Weight plus stay healthy at the same time. Waterworks wonders for body

Do work most work in a hospital on my own and don’t sit for long hours and take a quick walk in hospital compound whenever I’m free.

These three things that I’ve incorporated into my lifestyle for last 5 months and can you guess how much my weight is right now. It’s 59kg 🙂 don’t believe I also don’t believe my eyes that I’ve lost almost 7kg.

This is not instant weight loss. I don’t do crash diets. Plus I’ve done little cheating from diet plan and eaten nonveg in between. I don’t do exercise or join a gym. I don’t have time for that. But I do more physical work during my duty hours. I take short work from my home to hospital every day instead of going through activa or rickshaw.

These are little hacks that I followed and work for me. Hope you like My ways of staying fit and heart healthy through a healthy lifestyle. Now, I’m not only healthy but also reach my ideal weight.

Summing up Motivational ways of staying fit and heart healthy:

  1. Drink  2-3 liters per day
  2. Take Sound Sleep
  3. Take meals on time
  4. Include Green leafy, fruits and Juices in your diet.
  5. Do a meditation therapy.
  6. Say no to Tobacco and Alcohol
  7. Go for Routine checkups.
  8. Don’t Overstress
  9. Last but not the least Stay healthy Stay blessed.

Did you try any healthy way of being healthy? Did they work for you or you stop in the middle? Do share.


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